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Does a UI by any other name smell as sweet?

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) is reportedly preparing a major change in terms of branding, scrapping the codename "Metro", which was previous used to refer to the user interface text/geometry/color style found in Windows 8, Windows Phone, and certain company websites.

A leaked internal company memo mentions the decision being made after "discussions with an important European partner".  One leading hypothesis is that German retailer Metro AG (ETR:MEO), which appears to control the EU trademark on the word "Metro", threatened to sue.

Microsoft may be cautious about generating any more ill will in the European Union, a region that has already relished lashing it with fines, and which is currently considering new fines related to browsers in Windows 8.

Regardless, Microsoft advises employees to "discontinue the use".  As a stop-gap, the interface that shall not be named by its former name shall be called "Windows 8 style UI", according to Microsoft, until a more permanent name is decided upon.  

The decision on the more catchy new name should come "by the end of this week", hopefully with a bit more trademark research this time around.

Metro store
Metro is one of Germany's largest retailers.

The good news for Microsoft is that given the mixed press Windows 8's Metro makeover has received, changing the name may actually reduce public awareness of some of the harsher criticism of Windows 8, which largely comes from power-users and is of questionable applicability to the average non-enthusiast/non-power-user.

Sources: The Verge, ZDNet

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RE: Eh....
By GPig on 8/4/2012 4:02:52 AM , Rating: 2
I can't find an "all programs" list. Why can I not find an "all programs" list? This makes no sense.

Right click on the start screen - it lives on the bottom bar.


The Ugly:
The (soon to be renamed) Metro UI is ugly to look at. It looks like a step backwards in UI design, and reminds me of the horrible artwork in the post-One More Day Spider-Man comics. Personal preference, but I don't like it.

I thought that when I first saw WP7. It took some getting used to. But I have to say now after using WP7 and Win8 for 6 months that it is a design language that makes complete sense. The software industry has been mindlessly ploughing along down the "must have more chrome, must have shinier icons" route for so long that it is hard to break out of that mind set.

I'm currently looking at the "all apps" screen and wondering why the hell anyone would want to dig through that tiny little inefficient start menu. The full screen, chromeless, decluttered interface is about focusing on the task at hand. And it really does a good job of that.

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