"Conroe-L" appears on Intel's low end roadmap
65nm single-core Conroes for all

Intel's newest roadmap has an unusual addition: Conroe-L.  Intel defines Conroe-L as a single core processor, which we assume is based on the Conroe Core 2 Duo architecture.  The most recent roadmaps have Conroe-L designated as a Q2'07 component as a supplement to Cedar Mill chips.

The Conroe-L processors are scheduled for a launch a full three quarters after the July 23, 2006 desktop launch.  For other architectures, Intel typically has allocated the processor family across the entire board: value, mid-range and high end.  Intel's 65nm Cedar Mill, for example, was launched as Pentium 6xx and Celeron 3xx at the same time.  Intel's roadmap reveals that the company will attempt to place the majority of 65nm Netburst CPUs into the low end during the next few quarters.

Intel's Conroe architecture (described in the Core architecture launch) uses a dual-core design with a shared L2 cache.  Decoupling the two cores is a more complicated process than simply "disabling one core."  Pricing of the processor family was not revealed yet.

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