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Windows 8 hits a milestone

Microsoft announced today that Windows 8 has been released to manufacturing (RTM). If you've been keeping up with the development of Windows 8, you already know that the official consumer release date for Microsoft's next generation operating system is October 26.
MSDN/TechNet members will get their first crack at Windows 8 on August 15. Members of Microsoft's Software Assurance program will have access one day later. Microsoft Action Pack Providers will be eligible on August 20 and Volume License customers can purchase the operating system on September 1.
As previously reported, customers can upgrade to Windows 8 via download for only $39.99 or $69.99 via a disc. For those that simply can't wait until October 26 to purchase a new computer, Microsoft is offering customers the chance to upgrade to Windows 8 for $14.99 via the Windows Upgrade Offer program.

Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky had this to say about the development of Windows 8:
Back when we first demonstrated Windows 8 in May 2011, we described it as “reimagining Windows, from the chipset to the experience,” and that is what Windows 8 (and Windows RT) represents for both Microsoft and partners. The collective work: from the silicon, to the user experience, to new apps, has been an incredibly collaborative effort. Together we are bringing to customers a new PC experience that readies Windows PCs for a new world of scenarios and experiences, while also preserving an industry-wide 25-year investment in Windows software.
And for those wondering, the final build number for Windows 8 RTM is 9200.16384.win8_rtm.120725-1247

Sources: Microsoft [1], [2]

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RE: Can't wait
By TheJian on 8/7/2012 8:23:04 AM , Rating: 2

I don't use winblows live now...8 won't change that.

A new task manager? I spend so much time in it now...I'm really excited...

xbox live integration? I care why? My bluray player already sees all DLNA etc. and streams any mkv,x264/h264, xvid, divx yada yada...Anything shared on the network is seen by my BD670...Wireless or wired...and I have an xbox and still don't use it as an htpc/media center...No reason to.

storage spaces?...LOL. I'm trying to see the use of this on a desktop. Most users only have ONE drive still (ok, I have 4 in, and 9 out, but I'm not most people), and tying them all together isn't going to be much different than raid or options already in disk management for years.

Windows Defender built in?...LOL@anyone using anything from MS for AV/Firewall protection. Even comodo/zonealarm blows this away (etc...)

Picture or pin login? For what? A 4pin password is a password...Gestures for passwords?...LOL. Whatever. I can type faster than that and good luck seeing it as fast as I type it...I'm trying to see an advantage here...Nope...Can't.

Increased boot speed?...LOL. I boot all day. It's a productivity app I swear. SSD's make this pointless anyway. I boot once a month if that in 7 or xp64 and both happen in seconds not minutes. But wow....ROFL.

Reset/Refresh recovery...I need win8 for that?...LOL. I can't already do that in 1000 ways?

Bootable from USB? So how am I booting from Win7 on flash drives now? Will 8 make that magically delicious or something? Google this for 2 million results:
"windows 7 bootable flash drive" without the quotes if you're not that smart.

USB 3.0 support? So win7 can't do that? How are my 2x3TB Seagate Goflex drives working at 3.0 speeds now? Am I just magical? Even XP works fine with 3.0 at 3.0 speeds...Smoke crack much?

"Vastly" Improved search? Can you prove that? I wouldn't need to SEARCH for my apps if you'd just have left start menu in...LOL. People search 3 times more for apps than files?...ROFL, because you took away the start menu/quick launch morons...I juse my desktop as a quicklaunch now anyway. My most used apps a one click away, just as before...searching just takes another step...That's what the start menu/quicklaunch is/was for...ROFL...dumb/slow. New start search filters etc...LOL. And that's quicker than a quick launched app or start menu click how?

App snapping for multitasking? On tablets I guess this has some merit...But dual monitors/taskbar in win7/xp make this pointless in my view. Who works without dual monitors when two 22's can be had for $250? Myself I have a 24/22. Me and my taskbar can beat you and win8 any day.

Improved control panel? XP list view was already fine. First thing I turned off in win7 was the dumb icon's/category view...LOL. So slow.

Vastly improved copy/paste? You mean it actually works now? ROFL. XYplorer/totalcommander FTW... :) I admit this is truly broken in Win7. Explorer is functionally USELESS in win7. It spends forever calculating or discovering crap that is instant in XP of any version. Not hard to improve on 7. But once you go xyplorer or totalcommander you can't go back to anything less.

Charms bar?...ROFLMAO. Can I pretend I've never heard of it?

File history? And how is this different from any backup app, version history, or system restore? Already have it all...Just a new name to sell me the same thing.
"What you need to know in this regard is that it is only available if an external drive is connected to the computer or if a network location for backups is available, and that only files on local drives can be monitored by the feature."
OK, so it's nothing new and depending on how you look at it, seriously more limiting than before?...ROFL.

Built in PDF reader?...You really get excited over built in 2nd rate crap don't you? No, I don't use acrobat either...LOL. Sumatra etc are far better, faster and lighter.. Heck chrome has pdf built in already...Though chrome to me is kind of like consolizing my pc games...Just consolizing my browser...Firefox is where I live, I don't need my browser experience DUMBED DOWN.

Windows+D is worth killing my start menu? Once click is faster than going to the winkey+d. Quicklaunch is also faster. Going to my desktop is a waste of my time. You just insist on slowing us down eh? Win+D is an improvement how? Raise your hand if you know more than 5 keyboard shortcuts...I don't see many hands raised...LOL. Raise your hand if you WANT to learn keyboard shortcuts instead of clicking your mouse once...Nope, still no hands...

Are we done yet?...LOL. Keep drinking the cool-aide.

Do you actually charge for all this crapola that just slows me down? It's not FREE? So you want to charge me for all this inconvenience? I have to learn all kinds of crap for nothing? Booting from a 4k native drive is the only thing I can see in win8 that's useful and I never plan on booting from a drive that big anyway, not to mention I'll never boot from anything but an SSD ever again unless they die...LOL. I'm trying to understand the excitement but I just can't.

Can you explain it again but say something meaningful this time? How much is microsoft paying you for this crap? Do you work for them?

"We can't expect users to use common sense. That would eliminate the need for all sorts of legislation, committees, oversight and lawyers." -- Christopher Jennings

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