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The latest iPhone may have a 4" screen, but it's basically the same old tried and true design

When it comes to next generation iPhone devices, it appears that Apple just can't plug the leaks of information to the public. In the case of the iPhone 4, a prototype was lost in a bar and subsequently wound up in the hands of Gizmodo. With the iPhone 4S -- and now with the "New iPhone" -- the leaks came from suppliers.
The latest leak on the "New iPhone" front comes from iLab Factory which has pictures of a fully assembled device (sans internal electronics). The repositioned speaker jack is clearly evident along with the smaller, 19-pin dock connector. The assembled device also confirms that Apple is going with a two-tone design theme for the "New iPhone", with the volume button, power button, and upper/lower halves of the back plate matching the color of the front plate of the device.
This latest leak also confirms that Apple must really love the overall design aesthetic that was initiated with the iPhone 4. We're guessing that Jony Ive must subscribe to the Porsche method of revamping products by making changes so subtle that you have to squint very hard to notice the new design details from generation to generation (a la Porsche 911).
But enough rambling, here are the shots of the assembled "New iPhone":

Apple's "New iPhone" [Image Source: iLab Factory]
To see more images including internal connectors, click here.

Sources: 9to5 Mac, iLab Factory

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Looks good to me
By Belard on 7/29/2012 8:38:26 PM , Rating: 2
It looks pretty good to me... a bit of retro in its design.

The all metal back means its won't shatter like the iPhone4.
The glass parts on the back still allow for signals to go in/out of the phone.

Its speaker placement is still better than any Android phone. Think about it... when your alarm/phone is on the desk, the speaker is against another flat surface.

The Nokia N9/Lumia 800/900 have the speaker at the bottom as well.

The wider screen is more video friendly, of course... no big deal to me... but others may prefer it.

RE: Looks good to me
By Belard on 7/29/2012 8:44:36 PM , Rating: 2
PS: The Japanese server is being hit hard... some 503 errors.

It looks like they wanted a metal uni-body like the iPad, but needed the glass/plastic for various sensors and such - like the iPad2/3 - which have a plastic are a on the back.

The shape of the iPhone4 is quite good. Having a super-thin phone is awkward to hold.

PS: I don't own any iPhones... I will still most likely get another Android phone, the MC Atrix HD is top of my list - the Galaxy S3 is there too.

RE: Looks good to me
By ritualm on 7/30/2012 3:12:16 PM , Rating: 2
Problem with the decidedly retro look is there isn't anything earth-shattering about the rest of the phone, most of it being something that should have been there on the 4S from the get-go.

The only practical reason I went for the 4S myself is 64GB, other than being already accustomed to the iOS UI. However, the UI itself is very old, in dire need of reform. If Apple isn't willing to take risks on its upcoming and future iPhone launches like it did previously, I can well bite into the Android carrot and stay there.

RE: Looks good to me
By Brandon Hill on 7/30/2012 3:21:13 PM , Rating: 2
That's the point I was trying to make in an earlier comment. All the new iPhone is doing is bringing stuff that Android has featured for well over a year on the hardware front (larger screens, 1GB RAM, NFC, LTE, etc).

And since iOS 6 isn't some huge breakthrough, it just seems like it will be an underwhelming release.

I was expecting a big UI revamp after five years; I guess that was too much to ask...

RE: Looks good to me
By web2dot0 on 8/3/2012 6:40:02 PM , Rating: 2
The feature themselves don't make it a better phone.

1. NFC - So what? How many businesses uses NFC right now? Get yourself a QR Code scanner. The market penetration is ZERO right now.

2. Larger screen - Not really a big deal. Do I really want a 5" brick up my ass? No. But I understand this is subjective, but to me, it's not an "improvement". Just different.

3. LTE - It's a nice feature, but what people are using now is quite reasonable. I have iPhone 4 and I can do all the browsing fine. It's not rocket fast, but no one expects our mobile phone to surf the net like a 7mbps DSL. The current expectation is "Good enough". Nice to have feature, but not deal breaker.

4. 1GB Ram - Who the hell keep track of this stuff? I care about whether the device can run the stuff I like to run, not how much RAM I have in my mobile phone. That's for geeks. Ask a average user if they know how much RAM their mobile phone have, and they'll tell you ... "RAM"? What the hell is it? Mobile phone is a accessory, and a communication device. It's not a sophisticated device designed for highly trained professionals.

512MB is good enough, but again, not a deal breaker.


What Apple is really focusing on right now is Mobile Payment and Personal Assistant. They the next "Big Thing". You know, stuff that actually make real money. But that'll take some time. You can't solve world hunger and retool 30years of infrastructure overnight.

Google's attempt thus far has been abysmal. Apple wants to come out of the gate guns blazing. They'll spend insane amount of money to get everyone onboard. If they can conquer that market, it'll take the company to the next stratosphere.

This mobile phone debate is for techno geeks with a small mindset to win the small battles. The war is elsewhere. Apple just need to sustain its momentum, and keep their brand name in tact.

Apple have demonstrated that they have a highly profitable ecosystem setup and everyone is buying in. Android on the other hand, have proven to be a problem. Market penetration is reasonably good, but developers are having a hard time making big bucks off the ecosystem. That's something Google needs to address ASAP.

Overtime, it's gonna kill Google. Money talks dude.

RE: Looks good to me
By notposting on 8/1/2012 10:17:27 AM , Rating: 2
I liked the speaker setup on the OG Droid...on the back, but they had the little flare on either end of the device itself to keep the speaker/camera off the surface it was on, and the echo effect boosted the speaker volume quite a bit.

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