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Facebook will build it with HTC and use its own operating system

Facebook is set to team up with HTC and join the smartphone arena with its own device as soon as mid 2013.

The new smartphone will be made in joint with HTC and will offer Facebook's own version of a mobile operating system. Some have speculated that Facebook may use a version of the Android mobile operating system, since it can be modified, but that part is unclear for now.

To help with the mobile venture, Facebook has hired former Apple employees Greg Novick, who developed the touchscreen user interface; Scott Goodson, who helped create the stock market application; Tim Omernick, who worked on the device's software, and Chris Tremblay, who also worked on the software.

The Facebook smartphone is likely the answer to one of the social giant's major issues: mobile advertising. Last year, Facebook had $3.15 billion in total advertising sales, but none of this came from ads on mobile devices.

Also, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently said that shifting to mobile was Facebook's greatest challenge because the way people use it is much different than on a desktop computer.

By releasing a smartphone, Facebook would be able to monetize mobile in a much larger way. Also, by designing its own operating system for the mobile device, the shift to a mobile Facebook experience should closely mirror the desktop version.

The Facebook smartphone is due out in mid 2013.

In addition to creating its own smartphone, Facebook also said it plans on improving the existing Facebook iOS app. Many users have complained about it being slow or not working properly, but Facebook is on the case.

Source: Bloomberg

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By p05esto on 7/26/2012 8:57:24 PM , Rating: 2
Die Facebook already. A phone? You've got to be kidding. Zuck needs to cash out now, Facebook is over, yesterdays news. Take your money and RUN buddy, don't let your ego get in the way.

RE: Phone
By inperfectdarkness on 7/27/2012 1:45:57 AM , Rating: 2
As if privacy settings on their website weren't labyrinthine enough...

...Now you have the opportunity to buy a phone of theirs which will most likely track every movement you make.

Seriously, if I wanted big-brother, I'd move to the UK.

RE: Phone
By NellyFromMA on 7/27/2012 10:36:08 AM , Rating: 2
Facebook as a company makes billions... a million a day in ad revenue alone. How the hell is that over? People WANT a social network, even if YOU and your buddies (maybe) don't. This is exhibitted by the fact FB use continues to rise, not decline.

I wonder how you assess a successful bussiness? If it's something that you want? Or if its continuing to be profitable?

I prefer the latter, but hey, that's just me.

RE: Phone
By theapparition on 7/27/2012 11:59:59 AM , Rating: 2
While I agree in principal, profitability in a volatile market doesn't ensure continued success. It takes vision and ability to execute future trends.

Kodak was highly profitable right up until digital cameras became mainstream, then it was like driving a truck off a cliff.

I don't know regarding Facebook. I'm seeing more and more people getting tired of it. At one time, Myspace was the hottest social network on the planet and see how quickly that died when something better came along.

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