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Alcoholics Anonymous says the first step to recover is to admit you have a problem

Sources: Black Hat, Bloomberg

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RE: It's not that bad
By Apone on 7/25/2012 12:18:21 PM , Rating: 2
It's not necessarily about being gullible.

But isn't that why people migrate to the Mac platform? Because it apparently makes computing idiot-free? Heaven forbid Mr./Ms. Average Joe computer user cannot be bothered to learn common sense computing precautions such as not automatically opening every email attachment they receive.

Also many Mac users are people who don't know (or don't care) about technology and just want to use a computer. If it's not that, it's bandwagon Mac customers jumping aboard the OS X train because their friends and family, etc. are all on it (social peer pressure?).

You actually bring up a good point between knowing the difference between worms and trojans. If the infection is on a Windows PC, Mac users always lump it into one big infection category and just assume Windows is inherently insecure. But if it's on a Mac, now there's a difference between worms and trojans?

Also when Mac users say "IT'S SOCIAL ENGINEERING, THE INFECTION REQUIRES USER INTERVENTION!". Isn't that exactly how a Windows computer gets infected? Unless there are airborne Windows viruses/malware/trojans that I don't know about?....

RE: It's not that bad
By bug77 on 7/25/2012 1:05:53 PM , Rating: 2
Well, computers are not an end-goal, they're just a means to an end. If you're a writer and only need to write your stuff or a photographer that only needs to launch Photoshop, should you also become a security expert and systems administrator? As an engineer, I would answer yes, but many people will disagree.
I wouldn't call anyone gullible just because they want to get their job done.
Of course, Apple's approach of "forget everything about security and it won't harm you - because we say so" isn't productive either. When you're using a tool you don't know much about, you should, at the very least, try to find out if it could cut your fingers if not used properly.

RE: It's not that bad
By testerguy on 7/26/2012 8:58:31 AM , Rating: 2
quote: It's not necessarily about being gullible. But isn't that why people migrate to the Mac platform?

How ironic.

You confuse people who don't seek unnecessary complications (the idea, at least, of Mac OS), with being gullible?

Do you not understand that you don't necessarily have to be gullible or lack anything to seek simplicity? In fact, it is the logical deduction given two systems, all else being equal, to seek the least complicated and least time consuming one to use. This is why the Google home page is essentially just a textbox and a button. Are you 'gullible' for using that instead of Yahoo? No, because complication isn't desirable in itself. Exactly the same can be applied to the Android vs iOS debate.

Of course, all else isn't equal - for me Mac OS is rubbish and of course the claims of being easier to use are just that - but your logic is completely flawed.

RE: It's not that bad
By Cheesew1z69 on 7/28/2012 10:17:22 PM , Rating: 2
your logic is completely flawed.
Everybody but you has flawed logic. Simply amazing.

"We can't expect users to use common sense. That would eliminate the need for all sorts of legislation, committees, oversight and lawyers." -- Christopher Jennings

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