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Yang Yuanqing  (Source: Harikrishna Katragadda / Mint)
10,000 workers get generous bonus from Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing

Source: CNN

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By macca007 on 7/21/2012 10:41:45 PM , Rating: 2
Sorry but I disagree, CEO walks in and shakes my hand and says thanks is complete bullshit,Doesn't mean anything to me.
Most companies will have the CEO every so often come down and do a presentation to the low end workers to say how good things are or how bad things are, That is their job nothing new here, If it's all good they say well done great team effort. If it's bad they say we need to pick our game up even though it usually is not the production side that lets down it's upstairs in marketing/sales or logistics!
They get their bonuses and we get a handshake? Some of us are breaking our backs literally coping with doing 2 peoples jobs at once and putting up with the stress, Get pushed to pump out more and more work. It all looks great on paper upstairs where they have no fkn clue what is happening down stairs, All they see is the work gets done so lets push some more,Yeah the work gets done at pruduction workers expense and they receive no extra benefits. Happens at a lot of places my workplace included. Handshakes don't pay the bills when you are on minimum wage. I will take the $300 thank you! $300 would give me 2 months worth of free petrol to get to work or or pay a bill.
What surprises me the most is that there are not that many workplace rampages/shootings YET,But I am sure as the greed gets worse they are bound to happen somewhere on the planet.
This CEO has done the right thing and should be applauded.
Look after your workers and they look after you and do that little bit extra and do a better job,less sick days,less workers leaving for better jobs etc etc
Old saying a happy worker is a productive worker,One way to keep them happy is more MONEEEEY! ;)

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