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Move draws criticism from some analysts

Remember those allegations by browser makers Google Inc. (GOOG) and the Mozilla Foundation, alleging that Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) wasn't giving them full access to necessary interfaces in Windows 8?

Well, the European Union sure remembers.  Not too long after it admonished Microsoft for breaking its browser ballot box promises and threatened more fines, it announced a new probe into whether Microsoft was impeding competition.

The browser makers have suggested that Microsoft may be effectively banning third-party browsers from Windows 8 RT.  Microsoft has denied this claim.

Surprisingly, typically pro-Apple, Inc. (AAPL) blogger John Gruber blasted the probe in a post on his blog Daring Fireball.  The unlikely ally points out that Apple has a near identical model of differentiation and has received little EU scrutiny, writing:

So Apple can do it with iOS but Microsoft can’t with Windows RT, despite the fact that the iPad and iPhone are selling tens of millions of units per quarter and there is yet to ship a single Windows RT device?

With that said, even unlikely allies may be unable to save Microsoft as the EU salivates at the prospect of collect more billion-dollar fines from the beleagured operating system giant.

Sources: Daring Fireball, Reuters

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RE: This is ridiculous
By TheJian on 7/21/2012 5:57:28 PM , Rating: 1
You guys are missing the point. They are well known for abusing their monopoly (yes, as charged by the good ole USA - AND CONVICTED as a MONOPOLY) in an attempt to dominate other markets. While I hate the EU they're actually doing a good job here (MS ignored the law, and broke their agreement). Unlike the US they appear to have a better patent system and laws they actually enforce. Holy cow! Meanwhile Obama hasn't held ONE job council meeting in this year, but has had 100+ fund raisers, golfed 10+ times, has time for kisses at basketball games etc. But according to Jay Carney (white house press sec.), Obama has a full plate...ROFLMAO. True, he's been meeting with everyone to take away your rights instead of doing his job. Did I mention the debt he's run up? 6 tril? It took us 200 years to do what he's done in 3.5!

Back to MS; I'm afraid they don't know how to innovate any more. They merely change icons, or place them behind yet another layer of clicks and slow us all down while charging the same price again and again for precious little in advancements. Windows Explorer is a freaking mess in both Win7/Vista (bring back XP's file explorer!). An OS that can't handle files/folders properly? What the heck do I need shortcuts to nowhere all over the drive for? Libraries? For what? Another mess. The only thing they got right in it was hiding empty drives and I can already do that many ways on my own...LOL. Thank god for xyplorer (for 64 bit) and Total Commander (very good in 32bit - just got out of beta for 64 with v8.x I think). Xyplorer has been 64bit since the beginning.

Mick, are you not a native American? As in english is your 2nd language or what? Don't you have a preview on your posts forced on you too?...ROFL. I'm not usually a grammar nazi (hate them) but my god man, read your posts before you hit the post button. I can't remember when I read through an article from you without having to re-read a sentence or two because something just didn't make sense.

"With that said, even unlikely allies may be unable to save Microsoft as the EU salivates at the prospect of collect more billion-dollar fines from the beleagured operating system giant."

No spell checker either? Work on that ENGRISH please...LOL. Use MS Word or something, hell even a browser's checker would catch most of your stuff. Aren't you a college grad? If english is your 2nd language I guess I apologize. Since you're so political these days, where's the article on Obama/Clinton voting to trash our gun rights next week via a treaty? Iran was invited to lead it in NY...WTF? The batman movie shooting wouldn't have happened in TX/AZ. He would have gotten one shot off, then been promptly shot by 5-10 people (more?) PACKING 9mm's in the theater. No I don't count it when govt officials acting like jacka$$es get shot in Tuscon... :) That's merely a mini revolution. Note the gun laws in Chicago aren't working at all. It's illegal to carry a 9mm on to your porch, yet murder is through the roof. Who's in the top 10 for cities?...LOL:

You'll see people in both states packing right into walmart in plain site. When Katrina people were ripping us off in TX (before I moved to AZ :)) the cops came on the news to tell us to "ARM YOURSELVES!". TX has an express lane to the needle too ;) Coincidence crime is low in cities where you can pack a 9mm in plain site into walmart etc?...LOL. NOPE. Fear keeps idiots from acting stupid here. That guy standing next to you in line is likely carrying a glock in TX/AZ. TX has 10+ in the top 100...ROFL. AZ has a ton in there also (yay!). We chase out the illegals too :) Fast and Furious backfired so now Obama is going to backdoor our gun rights away through the treaty. Our president is a Terrorist working to break our economy. No article? Batman is a tech movie no (they have games...:))? I say STAND YOUR GROUND people! Which BTW rarely works without a gun in your hand. :) Just ask the 71 people in Colorado. Running doesn't work either apparently (well duh!). ARM YOURSELVES, or fall victim to the next wacko.

“And I don't know why [Apple is] acting like it’s superior. I don't even get it. What are they trying to say?” -- Bill Gates on the Mac ads

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