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The plans allow customers to add up to 10 devices to a single data plan with unlimited talk and text as well

AT&T is following in the footsteps of Verizon by unveiling Mobile Share plans, which offers customers another choice in the way of data, talk and text.

AT&T's Mobile Share plans aim to allow customers to share a single plate of data across various devices like smartphones and tablets. Unlimited talk and text are added to that chunk of data as well.

The idea behind the new plans is to give customers better control over what device they choose to use with their data bucket, and how they choose to use it. These plans consolidate data and give customers the option to use their one large chunk of data on any mobile device.

“We offer customers a broad choice and the best lineup of plans, now enhanced by Mobile Share,” said David Christopher, chief marketing officer, AT&T Mobility. “With these new plans, the more you share, the more you save. They’ll be a good fit for a variety of new and existing customers. But if customers want to stay on their current plan or choose from our existing plans, they can do that, too. It’s their choice. 

“Today we think of people’s smartphones and tablets sharing a bucket of data. But in the future we’ll see health care monitors, connected cars, security systems and other devices in the home all connected to the mobile Internet,” said Christopher. “Our Mobile Share plans are simple, easy and a great value for individuals or families with multiple mobile Internet devices.”

Customers can choose one of the new Mobile Share plans without having to sign a contract extension, but they are not required to switch to one of these plans. For those that do want to switch, all they have to do is choose how much data they want per month and tie up to 10 devices (one must be a smartphone) to their new Mobile Share plan. Each Mobile Share plan includes unlimited domestic calls and texts for smartphones or basic messaging phones. They also include tethering.

Here is the pricing table for Mobile Share plans:

The new Mobile Share plans will be available in late August.

Just last month, Verizon revealed its "Share Everything" plans, which is basically the same exact idea as AT&T's Mobile Share plans. Customers can purchase "buckets" of data and add various mobile devices to the plan with unlimited talk and text.

Source: AT&T

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RE: This Just In
By tayb on 7/18/2012 3:10:24 PM , Rating: 5
Do you think that capping the number of miles an individual could drive per month would alleviate morning and afternoon traffic? Or do you think it would just mean less overall driving, mostly on nights and weekends, with no net effect at all on morning/afternoon traffic? That's data caps for you. An illogical answer to the question "How do we handle network congestion?"

First of all, yes they can handle devices pinging their network. But they can't handle everyone with a smart phone pulling down lots of data all day.

This already happens. Tons of devices are hitting their networks all day already with or without data caps. What do you think happens to network congestion in the morning when everyone wakes up or at lunch time during the week day? Do you think capping overall data usage changes behavior patterns for millions of users?

How are they violating anti-trust laws? Because they're all doing the same thing since they're all similar businesses trying to solve similar issues (tons of devices with a network not capable of being able to adequately service them all if used as they're able to be).

Two companies who have a virtual duopoly on the cell market making anti-consumer moves almost in concert with one another despite no technical reasoning to make those moves in efforts to protect other areas of their business from competitors sounds like anti-trust to me. The network IS capable of servicing all of them or it would crash every single day. Literally, every single day.

If you had Verizon with an unlimited plan and didn't change your plan, you wouldn't have lost your unlimited plan. So if you canceled simply because they stopped offering unlimited plans, that's your fault. You still had one until you tried to change.

Why would I want to further lock myself into an anti-consumer business knowing that down the line I'll be stuck with whatever nonsense policies they roll out? No thanks. I gave Verizon the big ole finger just as I gave it to AT&T. If more people whined less and did more these two god awful companies would either change their policies or cease to exist. I am fully aware I could have retained my unlimited data for a single upgrade but why should I continue funding these clowns? No thanks.

And why the hell are you sitting here defending this nonsense? You, as a consumer, should be pissed off. Yet here you sit defending these anti-consumer BS policies. Why? Unless you have shares in AT&T and Verizon you're doing nothing but bending over for insertion yet here you sit applauding the entrance into your butthole.

"Let's face it, we're not changing the world. We're building a product that helps people buy more crap - and watch porn." -- Seagate CEO Bill Watkins

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