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The registration application was developed by the state of Washington, Facebook and Microsoft

The state of Washington will be the first to offer a voter registration option on Facebook as soon as next week.
Washington state citizens will soon have the option to register to vote on Facebook via an application on the Secretary of State's Facebook page. The application was developed by the state of Washington, Facebook and Microsoft. 
"In this age of social media and more people going online for services, this is a natural way to introduce people to online registration and leverage the power of friends on Facebook to get more people registered," said Shane Hamlin, co-director of elections. 
Here's how it works: Washington residents go to the secretary of state's Facebook page and click on the registration application. They will agree to let Facebook access their information, and their name and date of birth will be added automatically to their registration form. Then, residents will have to provide a driver's license or state ID number. 
In addition to registering to vote, Washington state citizens can obtain information on candidates to help them make voting-related decisions. 
"We are excited that citizens in Washington state will be able to register to vote and review useful voting information on Facebook," said Andrew Noyes, Facebook spokesman. 
For those worried about Facebook accessing private information for the voter registration form, it's been noted that Facebook doesn't have access to the state's database. The only information Facebook uses is your name and date of birth. 
The Washington state voter registration form on Facebook is expected to launch next week. 

Source: The Orange County Register

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RE: Translation
By EricMartello on 7/19/2012 4:58:12 PM , Rating: 3
Fox News is controlled by Republicans. I wonder what their agenda is... Pot meet kettle? One of these days someone will insist that the media separate Entertainment from News into separate channels so media can be obliged to be objective. I'd watch that news channel - because it would be real news without the slanted, obviously tilted commentary, that makes Fox News so disgustingly perverted.

If by disgustingly perverted you mean relatively unbiased and accurate, then it looks like we're in agreement.

Commiecrats/Libtards don't actually know what they're talking about and as a group, could never have made a country as great as America in the first place. Ask them to defend any of their idiotic views and they'll IMMEDIATELY try to deflect or change the topic - anything to avoid having to justify their position. It's like you idiots think that just because you can have an opinion and not become a political prisoner (yet) that you should have the most asinine opinion possible even if there is no logic or reason behind long as it sounds nice.

You HAVE TO be that way to support someone as obviously incompetent as Obama. Do I like Romney? No, not really...if I had my pick for the next president it would have been Ron Paul and the reason is simple - he wants to reduce the size and scope of the government and that's exactly what needs to be done to get the USA back on track. Romney is still a far better option that Obama simply because he has experience and a track record of GETTING THINGS DONE, especially when it comes to business.

Most of the big media outlets are dripping with left wing propaganda, and they know that most lefties are idiots who will not question what is said so long as it has that sweet berry flavor they know and love. OOOOOOOO YEAH!

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