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The new Android-powered tablet could compete with Amazon's Kindle Fire and maybe even Apple's new iPad

While many tablets have unsuccessfully thwarted iPad sales since the popular tablet's initial release in 2010, Google's latest Nexus 7 tab looks like it could give Apple's new iPad a run for its money.

According to many U.S. retail stores, Google's Nexus 7 tablet has sold out (or is close to selling out). Gamestop said it ran out of stock last Friday, while both Sam's Club and Staples reported having sold out of the tablet on their websites that same day.
"We blew through the first two allotments," said Gamestop. A third isn't expected until August. 
Google's Nexus 7 is a tablet made by ASUS. It runs the latest version of the Android operating system, 4.1 Jelly Bean, and packs various features like a 7-inch IPS display with a 1280x800 resolution; a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor; a 1.2 MP front-facing camera; NFC, Bluetooth, 802.11n wireless; GPS and 8 GB and 16 GB versions. The 8 GB version starts at $199 while the 16 GB runs $249.99.
The Nexus 7, which has received great reviews, could finally prove to be a true tablet competitor in the market. While other Android-powered tablets, like Samsung's Galaxy Tab, have gained a bit of popularity in the past, they haven't come close to Apple's iPad. So far, the only other tablet to grab a bit of attention was Amazon's Kindle Fire, which was a hit during the 2011 holiday season. Amazon managed to move 4.7 million units in Q4 2011 while Apple moved 15.4 million units during that same time period, meaning the Fire cut into the iPad's market share by nearly one-third. 
The Nexus 7 would land in the same category as the $199, 8 GB Kindle Fire. Amazon is also expected to release a new Fire later in the third quarter, which will feature some updates like a camera and external volume controls. 
While the Nexus 7 is more in the Kindle Fire's league, the latest Android-powered tablet may put a dent in Apple's market share as well if the sales momentum continues. 

Source: Reuters

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No sell for me
By aftlizard on 7/16/2012 3:37:14 PM , Rating: 1
Frankly the Galaxy Tab 2.0 7" with 32 GB and expansion slots is the far better value at $250, heck you even get an IR blaster.

RE: No sell for me
By sprockkets on 7/16/2012 4:05:54 PM , Rating: 3
I've tried that tablet at two different stores - its sluggish as hell. That's anecdotal evidence though.

What's nice about this one is stock android and AOSP support. You know Samsung has been piss poor about updating a lot of their tablets vs. Moto and Asus, right?

RE: No sell for me
By bupkus on 7/16/2012 4:24:08 PM , Rating: 2
Maybe Google is using their Nexus line to teach Samsung and others a lesson about prompt updates?
Google doesn't rush to get their OS updates out in a timely manner just to have Samsung and others drag their feet.

RE: No sell for me
By mcnabney on 7/16/2012 4:23:26 PM , Rating: 5
How is Galaxy Tab 2 7" better?

It has an inferior screen - non-IPS 1024x600
Inferior SoC - it uses an old dual core running at 1ghz
Very inferior GPU
Inferior battery - it does 6 hours while Nexus 7 will do 9+
It has the damn Touchwiz skin on it... FAIL!

RE: No sell for me
By Bateluer on 7/16/2012 4:26:21 PM , Rating: 2
This. O just sold my Tab 2 7" for an N7.

RE: No sell for me
By Samus on 7/16/2012 10:51:04 PM , Rating: 3
Galaxy Tab is the worst choice when given options of a Nexus 7, Asus Transform and Acer Iconia.

RE: No sell for me
By quiksilvr on 7/16/2012 4:30:17 PM , Rating: 2
It all boils down to what you really want. Do you want rock solid performance and great battery life or would you like moderate performance but more space and easier expandability at a higher price?

RE: No sell for me
By mcnabney on 7/16/2012 10:36:29 PM , Rating: 3
Google has assured me that Host functionality is present and fully usable through the microUSB port without hacking anything. The only downside is you can't charge at the same time. Paid $20 for the adapter and a tiny 32GB thumbdrive. Sure, I would prefer a microSD slot, but it is no biggie. My 8GB Nexus 7 arrives tomorrow. If the 16GB version had the microSD slot I would have paid the extra $50, otherwise I am incapable of paying $50 for less than a dollar's worth of NAND.

RE: No sell for me
By sprockkets on 7/17/2012 12:18:10 AM , Rating: 2
Google assured you? Anand tested for USB host functionality and it wasn't supported.

RE: No sell for me
By Belard on 7/17/2012 1:46:03 AM , Rating: 2

RE: No sell for me
By SpinCircle on 7/17/2012 9:49:07 AM , Rating: 2
Actually, with root (which is easy on the Nexus 7), it does support it...

RE: No sell for me
By sprockkets on 7/17/2012 11:57:07 AM , Rating: 2
Sure it is easy to root and put it in, thankfully. Silly since the other Transformers support it by default.

RE: No sell for me
By TakinYourPoints on 7/16/2012 5:30:59 PM , Rating: 2
It has inferior specs in every way and most likely will not be getting JB. How is the Galaxy Tab 2.0 7" better than the Nexus?

RE: No sell for me
By augiem on 7/16/2012 6:42:35 PM , Rating: 2
I wouldn't go for GT 2.0, but I agree with what you're saying. Removable battery and SD slot or nothing! Wait around a little longer. Someone will make a modern spec'd one even if it is a bit more exp.

RE: No sell for me
By mcnabney on 7/16/2012 10:37:54 PM , Rating: 2
Oh come on! Removable battery? The Nexus 7 is getting 9+ hours. Just let it go man.

RE: No sell for me
By augiem on 7/17/2012 1:41:40 AM , Rating: 3
So short sighted... 1 year from now that battery will hold far less charge. I will not let it go.

RE: No sell for me
By TakinYourPoints on 7/17/2012 8:10:34 PM , Rating: 2
Complete BS. My 2+ year old phone, tablet, ereader, and laptop hold as much charge as they ever have.

Let it go, you're complaining about something that doesn't matter anymore.

RE: No sell for me
By augiem on 7/20/2012 8:43:36 PM , Rating: 2
Ahh, I love the Daily Tech comments. The home of the ignorant and proud!

Decreased life with charging:

"...cycling, elevated temperature and aging decrease the performance over time. Since batteries are used in demanding environmental conditions, manufacturers take a conservative approach and specify the life of most Li-ion between 300 and 500 discharge/charge cycles."

"...Although a battery should deliver 100 percent capacity during the first year of service, it is common to see lower than specified capacities, and shelf life may have contributed to this loss..."

They go on to show a chart that clearly illustrates progressive battery capacity loss with each charge.

Decreased life with aging:

"Subject to aging, even if not in use (aging occurs with all batteries and modern Li-ion systems have a similar life span to other chemistries)"

I have just as much anecdotal evidence as you. I changed batteries 3 times with my last cell phone. My current cell phone is over a year old and maintains good standby time, but the battery nearly drains out with 1 hour of talk now. Clearly the battery is aging. I an older Dell laptop that can barely hold a charge anymore. My friend's last 3 phones all had battery issues 1.5 years out.

Go ahead and believe what you want regardless of the facts.

RE: No sell for me
By augiem on 7/17/2012 1:43:06 AM , Rating: 2
Some of us don't consider technology to be disposable like paper towels. I used my LG VX6100 phone for 6 years and went through 3 batteries.

RE: No sell for me
By probedb on 7/17/2012 4:49:25 AM , Rating: 2
...and I had my 1st gen iPod nano since it came out without changing the battery...what's your point?

RE: No sell for me
By Kurz on 7/17/2012 11:14:12 AM , Rating: 2
A phone is completely different from a Ipod Nano...

RE: No sell for me
By Calin on 7/17/2012 9:39:56 AM , Rating: 2
I've used my Nokia N1600 for 5 years (I think) and it's still running decently on the original battery. On the other hand, I've had batteries go bad in two years in a different phone

RE: No sell for me
By johnf440 on 7/16/2012 7:30:03 PM , Rating: 2
My father-in-law has a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 7" and it's a total dog. They use a questionable over year old SOC and clock it at 1ghz. Plus, the tab itself only has 8gb built in so your external SD card will be good for multimedia but not so good for actually holding apps and game downloads.

They include a rear 3.0 megapixel camera on the Samsung and it is a non-autofocus piece of crap that is atrocious in anything except direct sunlight. They should have left it off. It's that bad. Embarrassing.

It is indeed laggy in a lot of places and the screen is questionable, too. Clarity and viewing angle are just OK.

Good luck with that IR blaster and the software they put on there - we were not able to get it working with either of his home theater systems and I have 10 years experience with selling and setting up consumer electronics - including programming high-end remotes. Its a joke.

Luckily he got it on sale for $199. I wanted to tell him to return it (he got it 2 weeks before the Nexus 7 was announced) but my wife would not let me. lol

RE: No sell for me
By TakinYourPoints on 7/17/2012 8:13:20 PM , Rating: 2
The Galaxy tablets are trash and you nailed down the reasons why. The Nexus 7 is the first non-iPad tablet that is good in any way.

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