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Researchers show off EV charging through the tires

Several notable issues are preventing electric vehicles from entering the mainstream consumer market today. Perhaps the biggest issue that is keeping the average consumer from buying an electric vehicle is range anxiety. Another major issue for many car shoppers that might otherwise consider an EV is a much higher cost of entry compared to a traditional automobile.

Another more pressing concern is one of recharging an EV and finding a power receptacle when away from home. A team of researchers from the Toyohashi University of Technology has unveiled a very novel and much more interesting way to recharge an electric vehicle wirelessly. The team from the University is led by Takashi Ohira and has recently been showing off a wireless electric field coupling system that can charge an EVs batteries through the tires. The big benefits of this system are four points of charging, rather than one point that we typically see in other wireless charging systems. That opens the door to the possibility of transferring more power to the vehicle at one time resulting in faster recharging.

The researchers have been showing a demo where a metal charge plate is placed under a four-inch layer of concrete to represent road surface. The team was able to transmit between 50 and 60 W of power through actual automobile tires and make a light bulb attached between the two tires turn on. The University researchers call the project EVER (Electric Vehicle on Electrified Roadway).

Another interesting possibility with wireless charging through the tires is that the team has been able to demonstrate the ability to transmit that power through a concrete block and into the tires of the vehicle to charge the batteries. That means with the right infrastructure an electric vehicle could be charged as it drives down the road.

There is no indication of when or if this project might be commercialized.

The U.S. Energy Department recognizes that charging is a challenge facing EVs and in April of 2012 offered up to $4 million to companies willing to develop wireless chargers for EVs. So far, most of the wireless chargers we've seen consist of some sort of charger on the surface of the driveway or road and a receiver mounted to the underside of the vehicle.


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It'll never happen anyway
By FITCamaro on 7/11/2012 1:16:34 PM , Rating: 2
It would cost tens of trillions of dollars to try and rip up roads to make this feasible. Even just replacing worn out roads with this kind of technology would raise the costs of road repair to unsustainable levels.

RE: It'll never happen anyway
By ddh on 7/19/2012 3:56:42 PM , Rating: 2
I agree the Capital costs (installing the technology and the Additional power grid and generation capacity) are insurmountable. The efficiency of such a system is limited to uses such as those found in industrial applications where embedded wires are used to guide autonomous vehicles.
Secondly we live in a fool’s world where no one accounts for the additional electrical generation capacity required to power such a grid. If we were to wake up and intelligently place Hydroelectric Facilities (Dams for the commoner) which produce electricity with zero emissions, electric transportation and a more plentiful and consistent water supply for a parched landscape would be plausible.
The Sad Truth is American’s have become slothful and lack the courage to embrace decisions that involve good stewardship verses the ignorant worship of an environment ( environmentalism (ism the worship of ) or Enviromentalites® as I call them) without humans we could make real progress toward sustainable energy production and research toward a future with sustainable Fusion power.
There is much more to be said on this subject but our time is limited. Have a great one!

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