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HP 8300
New AIOs for home and office

HP has announced a new line of all-in-one desktop computers with models aimed at both business users and general consumers. The new AIO machines include the business-focused HP Compaq Elite 8300 all-in-one and HP Compaq Pro 6300, along with the consumer-focused HP Envy 23 and HP Pavilion 23.
The 8300 is billed as HP's most powerful and media rich AIO computer. It has a 23-inch full HD resolution display, an integrated two-megapixel web cam and a dual microphone array for video conferencing. The machine is powered by second and third generation Intel Core vPro processors and can be fitted with Intel HD Graphics or a choice of discrete video cards. The 8300 can also be had with SSD storage and disk cache solutions.
This all-in-one machine can also have optional multi-touch technology integrated for healthcare, retail, and other applications that accepts input from two fingers at the same time.
The 6300 is a mainstream business class all-in-one computer without a touch option. The machine uses third and second generation Intel Core processors and can be fitted with optional discrete graphics cards. The screen on the 6300 measures 21.5-inch and has full HD resolution. The machine has an optional two-megapixel web cam and uses LED backlighting. The machine also has features for hardware virus protection.
The HP Envy 23 is has an edge-to-edge glass panel and can be wall-mounted. It has integrated Beats Audio technology and has an HDMI input allowing it to be used as a screen for gaming consoles or DVD players. The machine also has an integrated Blu-ray drive and an integrated TV tuner. It has a 23-inch full HD display and uses a variety of multi-core processors and advanced graphics. The machine can also be fitted with up to 2 TB of storage. The Pavilion 23 has the same screen size and can be had with Intel or AMD processors.
Pricing for the 8300 starts at $879 with availability set for September 10. If touch capability is added to the 8300, the price starts at $929. The 6300 is set to be available on September 3 and will start at $799. The HP envy 23 will start at $949.99 and will launch on August 2 with the Pavilion 23 will launch the same day starting at $649.99.
HP has had a rough year so far, as it announced that it laying off 27,000 people back in May.

Source: HP

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HP AIO Computers
By spread on 7/9/2012 10:40:15 AM , Rating: 2
Now made from more garbage parts, terrible warranties, flimsy plastic cases, and good drivers what are those?!

Buy our crap TODAY.

RE: HP AIO Computers
By arthur449 on 7/9/2012 10:46:58 AM , Rating: 3
Hey, some people like cheap plastic crap. Look at Walmart.

HP is doing the responsible thing and taking their money.

RE: HP AIO Computers
By LordSojar on 7/9/2012 10:49:11 AM , Rating: 4
Additionally, HP's Envy line is quite nice. Don't hate, not everyone can be Apple... *rolls eyes* Besides, the market can only handle so many Apples, seeing as how not everyone has enough disposable income to throw down enough cash to stop a train (see Macbook Retina Pro for details!)

RE: HP AIO Computers
By retrospooty on 7/9/2012 11:19:15 AM , Rating: 4
I like the idea of cheap alternatives. Lets face it, most people boot up their PC, browse the web, email a few people, and maybe do some light office apps, like Word or Excel. It doesn't take a high end system for that. Any cheap computer will do the task. Why pay more for a schnazzy case that gets most users zero additional functionality?

High end options are nice too, but for most people, and most businesses this is more than plenty computer.

RE: HP AIO Computers
By Shadowmaster625 on 7/9/2012 2:05:02 PM , Rating: 2
These are not cheap. You can buy a notebook with the same specs, and duct tape it onto the back of a $100 23" monitor and you'd pay less than the cost of one of these ripoffs. Or better yet, dont duct tape the notebook and then you'd have a notebook too!

RE: HP AIO Computers
By retrospooty on 7/9/2012 4:37:52 PM , Rating: 2
"These are not cheap. You can buy a notebook with the same specs, and duct tape it onto the back of a $100 23" monitor"

LOL, true but have you actually ever seen anyone do that?

RE: HP AIO Computers
By danjw1 on 7/9/2012 12:07:06 PM , Rating: 2
You forgot about the spamware that comes installed!

"Nowadays you can buy a CPU cheaper than the CPU fan." -- Unnamed AMD executive
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