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Volt sales continue to grow

General Motors has been pushing the Volt for well over a year as sales continue to rise and fall depending on the month. In March of 2012, GM suspended production of the Volt due to weak demand. Production of the Volt was started back up in April of 2012, earlier than expected, thanks to an uptick in demand for the extended range electric vehicle.
General Motors has now announced that in June 2012 it sold 1,760 Volts, which is double what it sold in June 2011. So far in 2012 General Motors the sold 8,817 Volts, which adds up to more than three times the 2,745 Volts that it sold in the same period of 2011. In fact, so far in 2012 GM has sold more Volts than in all of 2011. Total Volts sales in 2011 were roughly 7,600 units.
General Motors continues to outsell its closest Japanese rival, the Nissan Leaf by more than 3 to 1. That is no surprise considering the Leaf is a pure electric vehicle whereas the Volt has an onboard generator that allows for a much longer driving distance than the Leaf.
Compared to the Volt, sales of the Nissan Leaf plummeted 69% for June to 535 units. Nissan has only been able to sell 3,418 Leaf EV's so far in 2012, a decline of 19% over the same period 2011.

Nissan maintains that will sell 20,000 Leaf EVs in the US this year, but that seems far-fetched. Nissan would need to sell 2763 Leafs each month for the remainder of the year, which is more of the vehicles than Nissan has sold all year.

Source: Detroit News

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The Leaf is Hard to Get!
By kyleaf on 7/5/2012 4:36:46 PM , Rating: 2
Nissan just released the Leaf to all 50 states in March, and deliveries started at the end of June. Many Leaf wannabees are waiting for the 2013 model due to imporvements in charging and climate control. We almost decided to put off the Leaf purchase, but decided to go ahead and lease one of the first Leafs in Kentucky. I think sales will imporve once the US factory comes on line, producing the 2013 model. Rumor has it that the 2013 will be less expensive as well. The Volt is a great car (from what I've read) but we didn't see the need to own a second hybird, we have a Prius. A 38 mile round trip commute doesn't require any range extending, and it doesn't require ANY gasoline in a Leaf. Since we commute 250 days a year, the Leaf will be the primary vehicle. Our old and worn Prius, with 122,000 miles on the traction battery, will extend our range as needed. BTW, we heard many of the expensive battery arguments before, when we purchased the Prius. If we had to do it all over again, the only thing we would have done differently is purchase an earlier model of the Prius, it's that good. The "$10,000" Prius battery now runs $3K at the dealer and about $1200 remanufactured. I wonder if we will need that battery before we hit 200K on the odo. For that matter, I wonder when the Prius needs its first brake job? When someone bashes a Leaf or a Volt, I remember that I've heard this before.

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