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Could Nokia flip-flop to Android?

After the announcement of 10,000 global job cuts sent shares of Finnish phonemaker Nokia Oyj.'s (HEX:NOK1V) stock into a deeper tailspin, the executive ranks were rustled and a new chairman -- Risto Siilasmaa -- was installed.

Speaking with, a Finnish news site, the new chairman said that Symbian is, for all intents and purposes dead.  He comments, "Symbian’s market share has come down close to zero."

That makes it all the stranger that Nokia is launching one of its most high end handsets -- the PureView -- with the now effectively end-of-life Symbian Belle.

Nokia, which has seen modest success with its distinctive Lumia 900 LTE handset, is hopeful that Microsoft Corp.'s (MSFT) upcoming Windows Phone 8 wil further drive its receovery.  Mr. Siilasmaa says he expects the new OS to be a hit.  

But in a surprising comment, he also remarked that Nokia had a "contingency plan" should his company's Windows Phone offerings flop.  That admission comes despite partner Microsoft paying royally to prop up the embattled phonemaker.

Customizable tiles in Windows Phone 8
The big question is what that "contingency plan" is.  Seemingly the only possibility would be to jump onboard the Android ship.  But with Nokia's weak U.S. market penetration the big question is whether that option is even feasible.

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Of course they have
By Penti on 7/3/2012 2:52:23 PM , Rating: 2
Yes of course they have they still have thousands of engineers and consultants working on Symbian, Qt and MeeGo / Maemo and a contingency would obviously be a MeeGo derived Meltemi that is rumored to be canceled. Not some god damn Android for flying spaghetti monsters sake. That market is even more congested and they would obviously need something that isn't so focused on a certain North American market if they don't wish to rely on a diminishing Nokia Series 40 (Asha) market. Like they try to do now. Simply being discriminated by Google instead is not a choice. They would never be able to compete against Samsung and would still have to effectively close down the firm.

Symbian still sells more then Windows Phone ever will and Elop is simply lying because he can't face reality when it goes against all he has done, he simply don't recognize that Symbian and MeeGo exists, simply read the quarterly reports to find that out. Obviously killing Symbian phones before they reach market as well as trying to artificially kill Symbian (which still gets major updates) is what is killing Nokia.

Hell it's roughly two years after the announcement and Elops hiring before their awesome Windows Phone platform get a NDK. Right now stuff like Spotify barely works, Skype although owned by Microsoft doesn't work and won't run in background until at least 7.8. They can't live on promises and a platform that is worse then Nokia had several years before Elop for two damn years. Promises don't live that long, plus it's still to tied to Qualcomm platforms where they effectively can't change a thing. Plus nobody would use Metro on the PC, most are wise enough to skip producing ARM-tablets (for which they have more incite into the state of the software then others). There are no coherent interface or recognizable environment to have, there are still huge differences between the old Windows SDK and the new Windows Runtime for Metro apps. They don't automatically get developers and large programs aren't even ported when it comes to Microsoft themselves.

Now Nokia has also given Bing maps it's navigation know how, the maps looks the same and have the same source (a Nokia owned company provides them), Bing gets turn by turn and maps that looks the same and uses the same look and colors to describe information and is built on the same information. Nokia drive and Nokia Maps doesn't have an advantage anymore when Windows Phone 8 comes out. Nokia essentially gave their technology to Microsoft and Huawei, HTC and Samsung here, they essentially gave everything of value for a few billions. As well as try to shut down the only competition from Europe. All other smart-phone software comes from North America (US, Canada). Yet they haven't release any good device yet. Microsoft hasn't delivered a platform that actually does what they promised and they haven't released their ready made hardware platform and being tied to all that with out being able to do any development themselves is why they look terribly stuck in the past now and why they release flag ship phones with new hardware features on Symbian today. Despite them trying to deny it exists. Of course things fails when you talk down or try to pretend something isn't there when it is the things your the best at and the only things your good at but ignores them and doesn't highlight your accomplishments. 808 is certainly a good product a product I'm sure could have sold better then Lumia because it's just so much more powerful, it does have that camera people expect of high-end Nokias, it's far easier to develop for. Being stuck on some elses hardware makes it though to stick out. On Android of course this is one thing that causes problems upgrading, but the alternative is to sell very few devices here. Loosing control is loosing control.

"It's okay. The scenarios aren't that clear. But it's good looking. [Steve Jobs] does good design, and [the iPad] is absolutely a good example of that." -- Bill Gates on the Apple iPad

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