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Some of the factories included in the report are Foxconn Technology Group, Toyo Precision Appliance, and BYD Electronic Co.

China Labor Watch has released a new report showing that employees at Apple's suppliers in China are overworked and were not provided proper health insurance.

China Labor Watch, which is a New York-based labor rights group, created a 133-page report on the conditions of Apple's suppliers' factories in China. The group interviewed 620 workers in 10 factories located throughout China over a four-month period ending in April.

Some of the factories included in the report are Foxconn Technology Group, Toyo Precision Appliance, and BYD Electronic Co.

According to the report, employees worked up to 180 hours of overtime per month when they are only supposed to work a maximum of 36. In addition, some of the factories failed to provide medical insurance to their employees, which is problematic because the factories are hazardous environments.

China Labor Watch also found that a Riteng factory in particular had terrible working conditions where employees were working 12-hour days. Most Foxconn employees work 10-hour days. Also, the rate at Riteng is 8.2 yuan per hour while the average rate is 10.2 yuan per hour at Foxconn.

"From our investigations we found that the labor rights violations at Foxconn also exist in virtually all other Apple supplier factories, and in many cases, are actually significantly more dire than at Foxconn," said China Labor Watch.

Back in January of this year, The New York Times published a report showing that Apple's Asian suppliers were violating the code of conduct repeatedly while Apple did nothing about it. The report described the daily lives of Apple's suppliers' employees, such as those at Apple's top electronics supplier Foxconn. Employees here complained of long working hours and overtime, where many worked 12-hour days at six or more days per week. Some employees’ legs would swell from standing so long as shifts ran 24 hours per day. According to Apple's code of conduct, employees are not to work over 60 hours per week. After the shift ended, 70,000 of Foxconn's employees are crammed into tiny dorms. As many as 20 employees are stuffed into a three-bedroom apartment.

Factory conditions were also a noted issue. For instance, the collection of aluminum dust inside Foxconn's factories in Chengdu and Shanghai resulted in two separate explosions. The first occurred in May 2011 in Foxconn's Chengdu factory, and the second occurred in the Shanghai factory in December 2011.

Apple responded to China Labor Watch's recent report saying that it has been making checks at its supply chain partners regularly.

"As part of our ongoing supplier responsibility program, our team has conducted thorough audits at every facility in China Labor Watch's report," said Kristin Huguet, Apple spokeswoman. "In some places, our auditors found issues similar to those described by China Labor Watch, including overtime violations."

Source: Reuters

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RE: they're all terrible
By Solandri on 6/29/2012 3:44:53 PM , Rating: 3
I'm unsure why Apple gets an almost exclusive media attention, when there are much more distressing issues happening elsewhere.

If you buy cheap, low-priced items from Walmart, you expect this sort of thing in their manufacture. If you buy high-end luxury-priced items, you expect a much higher standard in their manufacture. Same reason nobody makes a fuss about Payless' $10 sh_oes being made in terrible conditions in China, while Nike got taken to town when its $200 Air Jordans were made in terrible conditions in China.

I agree part of the spotlight being on Apple is due to them being the market leader. But part of it is also due to Apple marketing themselves as having higher standards. You get judged by the standards you portray yourself as having, not by the standards others set for themselves. That's why a conservative espousing family values but has an affair can be criticized by liberals who sleep with a new partner each night. Or Al Gore's energy-wasting mansion can be criticized by conservatives who don't care a bit about energy conservation.

Once you portray yourself as having higher standards, if you fail to abide by them you're a hypocrite. If you then whine that it's unfair that you're being judged by your own higher standard, then you were a liar when you marketed yourself as higher standards.

(I had to space out sh_oes because for some reason that word causes the preview/post command to fail.)

RE: they're all terrible
By Reclaimer77 on 6/30/2012 9:48:24 AM , Rating: 2
If you buy cheap, low-priced items from Walmart, you expect this sort of thing in their manufacture. If you buy high-end luxury-priced items, you expect a much higher standard in their manufacture.

LOL no you don't. Please don't tell me that when most people buy a device, they have an expectation of worker treatment that it took to deliver them that device. Most people don't even WANT to know, truth be told.

If that was the case Japanese cars never would have achieved the market share they have today. Because American labor unions, company insurance, paid vacations and relative short work days would have ensured they became the dominant brands globally. Or at the very least here in America.

I don't care what Apple portrays themselves as, it's up to China's Government to set and enforce it's labor laws. Not any company contracting work there.

Do people actually believe Apple has the power to tell China what it's labor laws should be?

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