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Augmented reality-cum-camera device is demoed in a flashy skydiving and rappelling stunt

At its Google I/O conference keynote on Wednesday, Google Inc. (GOOG) showed off its latest results of "Project Glass", which followed the unveil of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

I. Meet Google Glass

In a flashy stunt, friends of Google co-founder Sergey Brin parachuted onto the roof of the Moscone Center wearing Google Glasses to chronicle the descent in frightening fashion.  Fortunately, they touched down safe and sound, making a grand on-stage entrance.

More Glasses wearing stuntpeople then went on a jump-laden ride across the roof, ending by rappelling down the roof.  The whole event was broadcast live to the keynote audience via the Glasses, with multiple views.

Sergey Brin sums up, "That was awesome guys... that was pretty amazing!"

Google Glass
Skydiving to the ground [Image Source: YouTube]

Google Glass
Celebrations on the roof [Image Source: YouTube]

II. From the Lab to the Wild

The augment reality-cum-camera wearable gadgets hatched at Google's secret Google X Laboratory, two and a half years ago.  Initially prototypes were bulky, but Google eventually shrunk them to fit within a stylish frame, which features a video camera, processor, storage, a microphone, sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS, etc.), a radio (for transmission of content), and a touch panel for interaction.

Google Glasses
Google Glasses: old (left), new (right) [Image Source: YouTube]

Google Glasses lead designer Isabelle Olsson (above right) presented the glasses in their more-stylish present-day form.  The display for the glasses is slightly above your eye to be "close to your senses, but not blocking them", she says.  

She adds, "Whether it's with family or with friends, we want to empower people to use technology naturally... So, we wanted to pack all this amazing technology into this product to let you do amazing things with it.  But that's also a slight conflict, due to that if this is not ridiculously light it does not belong on your face.  We didn't only want to make it physically light, but also visually light."

The latest prototype "weighs less on your nose than many sunglasses", Ms. Olsson says.

Google's ultimate goal, according to the engineering team, is to communicate via images and capture important moments in your life.  Ms. Olsson says sharing will be "easy and seamless."  

One reoccurring theme seemed to be taking pictures of one's baby -- so prepare yourself, Facebook users.  Another possible use, Google suggests, is creating powerful visual tutorials via streams of pictures.

The other aim of Glasses is rapid access of information.  The glasses can offer you navigation information and local details about your environment.  For example a runner/biker could see their speed and a map of where they should turn.  In one example, a user even "looked" at a mystery food item to find out what it was.

III. Availability

So want Glasses -- well you're out of luck for now.  Google is offering them exclusively to I/O attendees for $1,500 USD.  Pre-orders will be taken during the conference and the glasses will ship in early 2013 to U.S. destinations only.

Google Glass
[Image Source: YouTube]

Google plans to later expand the effort beyond the developers later, with a full consumer device, based on its learning experience from the dev version.

The only thing missing from the Google Glass presentation was the obvious unmentioned "alternative" use -- homemade sex tapes.

Source: YouTube

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RE: Birth control glasses
By TSS on 6/27/2012 7:36:40 PM , Rating: 3
It's going to be a lot less then looking down at a phone. I imagine with transparent glasses like that you'll never get a truely black color so whatever you're focussing on will still have reality in the background, even though it's obscured. And moving your eyeball is alot faster then moving your head.

And as a person who already has to wear glasses, if i can get these to my prescription instead of my regular glasses i'd switch in a second.

Oh, and the glasses aren't what makes people look like dorks. It's behaviour, not appearance. Ya dork.

RE: Birth control glasses
By djcameron on 6/27/2012 9:21:55 PM , Rating: 2
This will be worse, because it will be distracting you constantly, whereas most people only look at their phone occasionally.

You're right, glasses don't, but these will.

RE: Birth control glasses
By quiksilvr on 6/28/2012 9:10:02 AM , Rating: 2
I see people walk down the street CONSTANTLY LOOKING AT THEIR PHONES. I see people driving while texting/calling and even at dinner tables, movies, and malls.

Trust me, this hands off, blinking in the corner, virtually fully voice experience (with an occasional brush along the side) is going to be a MAJOR improvement.

Plus, you can have it set to disable notifications while driving (accelerometers ftw) or only show you GPS directions (which is far less distracting than turning your head to the dashboard to see the next exit).

RE: Birth control glasses
By Master Kenobi on 6/28/2012 5:46:27 PM , Rating: 2
I was thinking that like Sync, a little vehicle intergration capability and these could become an excellent HUD that could convey useful things like situational awareness of other vehicles that most drivers are too stupid to pay attention to.

"I'm an Internet expert too. It's all right to wire the industrial zone only, but there are many problems if other regions of the North are wired." -- North Korean Supreme Commander Kim Jong-il

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