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Two BB10 smartphones get an early reveal via leaked slides

Although RIM currently appears to be bleeding out after many self-inflicted knife wounds, new leaked slides show that the company is still hard at work on fresh hardware to headline its BlackBerry 10 operating system. The slides shows two devices, the L-Series (London) full-touch screen device and its N-Series (Nevada) QWERTY keyboard-equipped sibling.
Although not much is known about the hardware inside the phones, the L-Series is said to feature a 768x1280 OLED display (356 PPI) and is 2.16" wide. The L-Series looks similar to the dev hardware that was shown off at the official unveil of BlackBerry 10.

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The N-Series' screen size is obviously compromised by its physical keyboard and is limited to a 720x720 screen resolution (330 PPI). The N-Series is slightly narrower at 2.08".
For comparison, the iPhone 4S and Galaxy S III weigh in at 326 PPI and 306 PPI respectively.
According to N4BB, the L-Series could make its way to the market in September, while those looking for some physical keyboard action with the N-Series will have to wait until the first quarter of 2013.


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RE: Really?
By Myrandex on 6/25/2012 1:50:46 PM , Rating: 2
And which carrier are all of those Droid #'s on? That same carrier that absolutely locked down the Droid 2 Global's SIM card slow to not work on US Carriers even though the device physically supported those frequencies in other countries? Yea right...I am not supporting a company that would do that.

Unfortunately, I've yet to find a keyboard as good as the HTC Touch Pro 2. There are some that are close, but none that have it all. 5 rows, good spacing between offset keys, arrow keys, ctrl / shift / alt keys (and yes I used ctrl+c and ctrl+v all the time), etc. That phone's keyboard spoiled me. The OS had plenty of issues (even ran Android on it), but nothing has topped that phone yet.


RE: Really?
By retrospooty on 6/25/2012 2:13:14 PM , Rating: 2
My advise to you is the same as the other above... get used to typing on the virtual KB and get good at it... Or get used to mid range phones that come out later.

Qwerty KB's just aren't going to be on the latest and greatest phones. Hell, even RIM isn't coming out with it until 6 months later per the article above.

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