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Solid as a rock

I don't know whether to shout for joy or cry from sadness. Samsung has announced the world's first PC with a NAND flash-based solid state disk (SSD). The joy comes from the fact that the 32GB SSD makes Samsung's 12.1", 2.56 pound Q30 notebook completely silent. With the spinning hard disk drive gone, there is absolutely no noise. In addition, the SSD can withstand twice the impact force of a traditional hard drive, offers 300% faster reads (53MB/sec) and 150% faster writes (28MB/sec), boots into Windows XP 25-50% faster and weighs roughly half as much.

So how could I possibly be sad with all of these positives? Samsung has decided to throw the 32GB SSD into its ancient (in the computer world) Q30 notebook. This means that the notebook is based around the outdated 915GMS chipset and features Intel GMA900 graphics. That also means that memory is limited to DDR2 400 spec. The processor also is a rather meager 1.2GHz Celeron M 753. Not even a Pentium M at least?

For now, it appears that the Q30-SSD is a Korean market only notebook. That may be for the best as its $3,700 USD price tag would surely make potential buyers do a double take -- especially given the outdated components surrounding the fabulous storage disk.

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By segagenesis on 5/23/2006 4:42:40 PM , Rating: 2
Given the price I can only see this as being useful for ultra reliablity, and the specs are indeed partly. A large chunk of that cost though has to be in the SSD, so that is at least expected. Really sounds more of a Lambo with a VW beetle motor though.

RE: Imbalanced?
By dice1111 on 5/23/2006 4:48:57 PM , Rating: 2
I would love one of these drives, but defiantly not and these costs, and packaged in poorly spec'd laptops. It makes you wonder just how much these SSD components cost when manufactures need to make these decisions.

Apparently way too much to make it a viable mainstream solution to current HDD's. Here's hoping the flash memory cost will be slashed dramatically, and soon.

To Samsung; good idea, poor implementation and price.

RE: Imbalanced?
By NuroMancer on 5/23/2006 5:35:58 PM , Rating: 2
Quick question,
Does this type of storage still suffer from a very limited amount of read/writes?

RE: Imbalanced?
By Drexial on 5/23/2006 6:46:04 PM , Rating: 2
i dont belive they do, from what i have heard latly those may have been crap reports, just to deter people from getting it.

RE: Imbalanced?
By BladeVenom on 5/24/2006 12:50:05 AM , Rating: 2
I think all flash memory has a limited write cycles. It's just that it's probably over a million cycles nowadays.

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