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Current Windows Phone 7.x users will have to make do with Windows Phone 7.8

Microsoft may be down in the single-digits when it comes to worldwide smartphone market share, but the company is not going to sit by on the sidelines while the competition from Apple and Google pass it by. Today at the Windows Phone Summit, Microsoft announced the follow-up to Windows Phone 7.5 -- Windows Phone 8.

While Windows Phone 7.x is based on Windows CE, Windows Phone 8 shares its NT kernel with PC-oriented Windows 8 operating system. Thanks to the shared codebase, developers won't have to do "double duty" developing programs for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.

Joe Belfiore, corporate vice president of Windows Phone, introduces Windows Phone 8
Windows Phone 8 will support dual-core processor at launch, and quad-core support will come at a later date (Windows Phone 8 can theoretically support up to 64 cores
). In addition, Windows Phone 8 will support three screen resolutions: 800x480, 1280x768, and 1280x720. Although we question the need for both of the latter screen resolutions, we'll give Microsoft the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Other features include microSD support for removable storage (movies, videos, photos, apps), VoIP/Skype integration, in-app purchases, Internet Explorer 10 (complete with anti-phising technology), native NFC support, and a mobile Wallet Hub to store credit/debit cards, and deals/offers, (it sounds quite a bit like Apple's Passbook from iOS 6). Nokia's NAVTEQ mapping technology will also be built-in to Windows Phone 8 including offline maps. Another new feature, Tap+Send, allows users to "bump" phones to share data. However, we've seen this functionality before in Android devices.

Customizable tiles in Windows Phone 8
The biggest change announced is a revamp of the Start screen and the Live Tiles system. Microsoft is now giving users the ability to completely control the Start screen and resize tiles to make their phones more personal. For example, if the Pictures hub is most important to you, you can resize the tile to make is take a huge portion of your screen while at the same time reducing the size of tiles that don't interest you as much.

Microsoft also made it official that current smartphones running Windows Phone 7.x will not be getting an upgrade to Windows Phone 8. While some functionality will make its way into Windows Phone 7.8 (like the new customizable Start screen), you'll have to purchase a brand new smartphone to get the full Windows Phone 8 experience.

Source: Microsoft

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RE: Right
By Pirks on 6/20/2012 4:12:11 PM , Rating: 0
I don't understand the fuss about older handsets not being upgradeable to WP8. They will be upgradeable EXCEPT for the features that require new hardware, like dual core, NFC and new screen resolutions. The problem is that Ballmer is a freakin' DUMB idiot when it comes to marketing! He should have called WP7.8 WP8 instead! If he'd done that, then OFFICIALLY in marketing slides they'd say "WOOHOO EVERYONE WILL UPGRADE TO WP8!!! WE ARE JUST LIKE APPLE, WE SUPPORT OUR USERS!!!" with a small footnote at the bottom of the slide saying that "older handsets released before October 2012 may have some hardware depending features disabled (NFC and such)"

Man, that'd be PROPER move! This would leave things EXACTLY as they are now, who cares if your update is called "WP7.8" or "WP8 with some disabled features" when it is THE SAME THING!

If Ballmer did that PROPER marketing move, all the little whiny fucks who started to cry about "NOT UPGRADEABLE TO WP 8 !! BLAH BLAH!!" would shut the fuck up.

And now because of Ballmer's stupidity of calling WP8 lame name WP7.8 we have cock suckers crying everywhere about poor fucking WP7 users and shit. This is ridiculous man, I mean I can't believe Ballmer could be THAT FUCKING DUMB :( It's a sad day for me, even with all these shiny WP8 features. Stupid bald idiot screwed it up BIG TIME

RE: Right
By Pirks on 6/20/12, Rating: 0
"We basically took a look at this situation and said, this is bullshit." -- Newegg Chief Legal Officer Lee Cheng's take on patent troll Soverain

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