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Broadband now available over open ocean

Some of the major airline providers both here in the United States and international airlines have Gogo in-flight internet capability in nearly all of their aircraft fleet due to customer demand. Gogo has now announced a new partnership with a company called SES that will expand its broadband service.
"By partnering with SES, Gogo aims to provide the reliable and seamless satellite coverage our current and prospective airline partners must have to meet airline passengers' demands for high-quality, high-speed Internet access on the fly," said Gogo president and CEO Michael Small.
Gogo and SES' partnership will connect passengers over the United States, the Atlantic Ocean, and in Europe. Gogo will utilize high-throughput Ku-band capacity on current and future SES multi-beam satellites. SES currently has a fleet of 50 geostationary satellites in orbit.
"Like Gogo, SES is dedicated to connectivity without boundaries. This groundbreaking alliance between SES and Gogo represents an exciting milestone for commercial airlines and their passengers, who expect the same high-speed Internet access they're accustomed to on land during their flights," explained Ferdinand Kayser, Chief Commercial Officer for SES. "SES is looking forward to bringing the best satellites and expertise in the business to what promises to be an important advancement in regional and global airline travel."
The first Ku-band systems will be installed in commercial aircraft in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Source: Gogo

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Not the first time
By Solandri on 6/19/2012 4:36:49 PM , Rating: 2
And likely not the last. There doesn't seem to be much of a market for this, although I guess it could change with time. The first company to try this was Boeing.

I was on one of the last Lufthansa flights to have it, and because they were phasing it out they threw it open for anyone to use for free. I VPN'ed into the company network and printed a few pages saying that I was printing this from a plane over the middle of the Atlantic, isn't the Internet wonderful. And I (briefly) hopped into Guild Wars just so I could say I'd done it while flying over the Atlantic. Then my battery died because I hadn't expected there to be Internet on the plane, and had used most of my charge while waiting at ORD during a layover. X|

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