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Nokia and bring PureView stateside, but the Nokia 808 PureView will still be saddled with Symbian OS

When Nokia pulled the wraps off the 808 PureView back in February, a lot of mobile phone users were interested in the phone and its groundbreaking camera. The phone boasts a 41-megapixel camera sensor making it more like a digital camera that can make calls than a smartphone with an integrated camera.
The big letdown of the announcement was certainly that the smartphone would be running the Symbian OS. Right on the heels of the operating system as the biggest letdown in the announcement of the 808 PureView was that the phone would only come to Europe.
Now, however, Nokia has announced that thanks to consumer interest it and have agreed to launch the Nokia 808 PureView in the U.S. The smartphone will be offered unlocked and unsubsidized exclusively on for $699. The smartphone will come with a SIM card that will work on the AT&T network. Nokia notes that the smartphone will work on the T-Mobile network as well but only at 2G speeds.
The phone will still feature 41-megapixel sensor that got us excited back in February with Carl Zeiss optics. The smartphone camera will also feature technology to allow the camera to oversample and combine up to seven pixels into one "pure" pixel. That feature promises to eliminate visual noise common in another camera phones. Other features include the ability to record full HD video and the phone can record CD-like sound quality using internal microphones thanks to the first use of Nokia Rich Recording technology.
The mobile phone has a four-inch display and promises 6.5 hours of 3G talk time a full charge. Unfortunately, the phone will run the same Symbian OS European devices use.

Source: Nokia

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RE: 1700mhz
By chµck on 6/19/2012 6:25:54 PM , Rating: 3
There's a lot of new "graphical flair" in Belle that's not present in past releases by Nokia or Apple. It is, however very similar to similar graphics found in Android Ice Cream Sandwich, which came out first. So yes, copying Android.

By that logic, android is copying nokia's "smartphone" concept. I don't know why you keep bringing up that the stock UI isn't as shiny as everyone else's.
It may "just work" as you say, but the virtual keyboard is less reliable, you simply can not argue that. And I've played with an N8.

I have no issues with the keyboard, you do have a big thumb however. Maybe the 4.3" screen helps in that case.
Playing with an N8 != experience.
I would argue that it is you who needs to spend some time with the Lumia 900. It puts the N8 to shame and makes it feel downright slow.

Aww, your newer phone with a faster processor feels slightly faster than my old phone with a downclocked processor :(. Surprise!
The newer Symbian phones have 1.3GHz processors. Play with one of those.
Even a moderately gifted Chimpanzee could probably use one.

Oh cmon, that's too easy.
About as many?
And pray tell me, how many of those are going to receive ongoing support over the next year or two as developers bail from what is a defunct platform. You cannot change the fact that developers are not going to continue to update their Symbian apps by and large.

I updated 2 apps just yesterday, and many apps are being added everyday. Just because you don't have any experience developing in Qt doesn't mean that no one else will.
And most important IT'S EOL !

It's guaranteed to be supported until at least 2016. A lot can happen in 4 years; that's a long time.
I am biased towards my reality.

Enjoy your Symbian phone

I do.

RE: 1700mhz
By BillyBatson on 6/19/2012 10:12:35 PM , Rating: 2
You guys are absolutely silly.... Arguing over nothing.
In the end no matter what you think of Symbian OS it's dead it's eol and not a platform worth following for one reason perhaps more than any and that is even if you bought ANY Symbian phone today the likelihood of your following upgrade also being a Symbian phone is practically nonexistent!!! So why buy any apps even if they do continue to release them say or the next year or so when they won't transfer to your win8/iOS/android device in 1-2 years when it's time to replace your Pureview.

Is Symbian great? It was. It could still be but it just isn't anymore. It could be in the future except it's EOL so I guess it won't.

And here is a good question: if both a Symbian and a win7.5 Pureview were released the same day which would sell better? Whether you think it's marketing, advertising, or sales tactics used by phone companies the answer would undoubtedly be the Win7.5 version by a large margin. That alone means this Symbian Pureview is a con.

RE: 1700mhz
By xdrol on 6/20/2012 9:24:00 AM , Rating: 2
To be honest, if you buy a new phone now, it will be dead and/or obsolete when Symbian will be actually dead, meaning no support, no fixes, anything. So this alone should not stop anyone buying a Symbian phone - you'll be replacing it anyway when it will be an issue. Check the other aspects - if it has apps you need, if it is fast enough for you, etc.

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