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Change may be less extreme than some expected, but may leave some unhappy campers

You don't put desktop in the corner.

That sentiment is at the heart of much of Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) faithful’s increasing frustration with Windows 8.  Loyal Windows blogger Paul Thurrott went as far as to compare it to the much loathed Windows ME ("Millennium Edition").  Others have been more charitable, praising its strong touch support.  And manufacturers seem to be on board with Microsoft's message, at least, showing of a slew of hybrid notebooks and tablets [1][2][3].

When word leaked that Microsoft had snipped out the code that allowed the Start Menu to be re-enabled on the desktop via third-party hacks, many commenters flipped out and let their rage be known.  They weren't much happier when they heard that the Aero UI theme found in Windows Vista and Windows 7 desktops would be replaced by a Metro UI alternative.  (The current publicly available Release Preview retains the Aero UI theme.)

So how bad (or good) is the new Metro desktop makeover? Judge for yourself from these screenshots from WinUnleaked.

Windows 8 Metro Desktop

Windows 8 Metro UI Windows 8 Metro Desktop Windows 8 Metro Desktop Windows 8 Metro Desktop

Windows 8 Metro Desktop
(Click any image to enlarge) [Images Source: WindowsUnleaked]

While there's no real reason to doubt the authenticity of these shots, bear in mind that the leaked OS is a pre-RTM (release to manufacturing/marketing) build.  Even the poster "canouna" warns, "Please keep in mind this is not the FINAL theme."

Some people have already (for better or worse) drawn comparisons between the Metro theme and the Windows XP Water Color theme:

XP Water Color
 [Image Source: "The Rock"/WindowsUnleaked]

Of course, the bad news is that Microsoft appears to be locking the Desktop to Metro UI, though there's faint hope that it might leave in legacy code allowing transparency to be re-enabled.  Desktop Windows Manager (DWM) is still running on the test builds, but there's no telling if it will contain the Aero code any more.  Microsoft has stated before that Aero wastes battery life and consumes extra processing power versus the cleaner Metro UI, so that may be justification in Microsoft's mind for the switch.

As far as further changes to the desktop, the top two rumors are that Microsoft may complete the Metro makeover with new Metro-styled icons.  A second rumor is that the Office-esque "Ribbon" will be added to more of the menus, as this was the case in certain early builds.

So what do you think?  Is the Metro desktop in its current form a stud or a dud?

Source: WindowsUnleaked

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By Belard on 6/16/2012 12:25:24 AM , Rating: 2
start menu organization hierarchy is actually something W8 IMPROVES on over W7. This is because you no longer have to dig deep into folder after folder trying to find the shortcut to launch the app, it is right there, organized by folder by not hidden away IN the folder.

A menu structure that YOU cannot edit, rename, re-organize to something YOU may want.

My Menu structure is *mine*, its clean. I have all my games in "games" I have all my serious apps in "Work", I have my handy programs in "Tools"(Zip, screenshot, image viewer), I have system settings/tools under "Maintence", I have rarely used crap under "Rare Use". MS makes it a bit of a bitch under Win7, but not impossible. With Windows 8, its Icons, not a list view.

So WTF does Metro Want? Touch screen, keyboard or mouse? Start typing your app or your file... what about my Jump List, that was HANDY!

Why do I need a whole fracking screen to launch a program? Okay, I have my icons on the desktop, then WTF do I need Metro for? Why does it have full-screen apps that runs on its interface, but not on the desktop? What if I want to run a metro app along side MS-Word 2010? Oh wait, can't do that because MS Word 2010 doesn't run under-metro and that metro-app doesn't on the desktop. Does copy & paste work? The Windows key doesn't always go back and forth between desktop and metro.

A skilled team can simplify without making a program useless... Windows8 has noting that makes using metro dealing with.

you listed do at all justify your "Windows 8 is crap" conclusion. Sadly, just like pretty much everyone who hates W8 you don't actually know why you hate it, you just hate it.

The things I listed *DO* justify that windows 8 metro *IS CRAP* Maybe Windows8 is what starts the destruction of the Earth in 2012... who knows. If we live to see 2013, you'll see the shit-storm that win8 will cause.

You willing to wager on it? After Win8 releases, just be on the look out for "Belardo". You can either laugh at me or curse me then. :P

I know why I hate it. I booted up Win8 with a positive and open mind. I have an operational Win8 PC I can boot up at any time. Trust me, I've helped MS sell copies of Windows7... and I've easily taken away at least 40 sales of Win8 in 10 days since I first tried out Win8. And *I* do suggest and recommend anyone try it out for themselves.

I don't need to put words in people's mouths. After 10~30mins of playing with Win8, many said "this is the dumbest shit". Even when in the first 5-10 mins, they are going "cool", "that's neat".

Sorry Hemmy, its nice that you like Win8... there is always somebody who likes crap or whatever. Thinking back to the mid-late 1980s when people would choose a $5000 POS MS-DOS PC over a $1500 Amiga which (A) had a GUI, (B) a lot cheaper than a PC or a MAC (C) had true multi-tasking that MS wouldn't have until 1995 for the general user base. (D) MS-DOS's itself *IS and WAS* always a sub-standard DOS since it was farted out of Microsoft's door.

I am fairly open-minded, but in the real world - most people are not... if THEY were, most people would have left Windows years ago for Linux.

By Lugaidster on 6/16/2012 6:58:30 AM , Rating: 2
I am fairly open-minded, but in the real world - most people are not... if THEY were, most people would have left Windows years ago for Linux .

Hah, cool story brah. Come back to me when Linux works out of the box with current hardware (GPUs) and has feature and performance parity on them.

Besides, with the mess that is Gnome 3, Unity and KDE 4 (albeit, the latter is shaping up a bit) and the fragmentation, it's not much better than Windows. Only benefit it has is security, and dumb people will always make sure to mess it up.

By Belard on 6/16/2012 3:08:43 PM , Rating: 2
So what part of "open minded" did you not understand?

- GPUs dont matter much anymore. Far more games on consoles.
- browser is the most used program in the world, the OS doesn't matter as much... Hence I'm typing this on my iPad, cause I don't feel like turning on my desktop.
- yeah, Linux is a mess that way. There is no pure standard, never will be. Considering that MS has changed their GUI 6 times in 12 years to apple's OSX which has been the same says something.
- linuxmint worked pretty good on my test box. It's configured like a windows system with a docs, pic, music, etc folders. It's more usable than Metro without someone trying to sell you crap.

Hey, I play a few games, use photoshop and a few other pc only programs. If I didn't need or want to se those, I wouldn't need ms at ALL. Hell, I run office 2003 on my win7 because it does what I need.

“And I don't know why [Apple is] acting like it’s superior. I don't even get it. What are they trying to say?” -- Bill Gates on the Mac ads

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