Lenovo hopes to compete with the big guns in the tablet market

While Apple may be dominating the tablet market, that isn't stopping its competitors from unleashing new fresh new products of their own. The latest to step into the fray is Lenovo with its new IdeaTab S2109 tablet.
The IdeaTab S2109 weighs in at just 1.27 pounds and is 1/3" thick. It features a 9.7" IPS display (1024x768) and comes packing a dual-core Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 processor (1GB of RAM). Other features include HDMI-out (full 1080p support), four SRS surround sound speakers, and a microSD slot for expanded storage. Battery life is listed at a generous 10 hours.

"The IdeaTab S2109 tablet is an entertainment maven's dream device, boasting powerful processing and graphics for multimedia use," said Yao Li, Lenovo’s director of Innovation Product Operations. "The tablet's Ice Cream Sandwich OS and amped-up features give consumers something that will keep them conveniently entertained anywhere, anytime in an incredibly slim package -- whether they're consuming or sharing their favorite websites, books, videos or music. It's as nimble and convenient as toting a magazine, but it offers much more than the contents of one."
Lenovo says that the $349 IdeaTab S2109 tablet will be available in early June from or in Office Depot stores.

Source: Lenovo

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