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Toyota Prius
Toyota's Prius is a big hit globally

Although Prius drivers are often the butt of jokes here in the United States, the vehicles are still quite popular due to their lofty fuel economy numbers and "green" image. The original Prius was introduced to the United States in 2000 and is currently in its third generation. The larger Prius v was introduced late last year, while the smaller Prius c went on sale in the U.S. earlier this year.

The popularity of the Prius family of hybrids doesn't just apply to the U.S., however. Sales of the hybrids have been booming globally. According to Automotive News, the Prius is now the third best-selling nameplate in the world when it comes to the automobile sales through the first quarter of 2012 (247,230 units).

Toyota Prius v
First place goes to Prius' cheaper, older brother: the Toyota Corolla (300,800 units). In second place sits the Ford Focus (277,000 units), which was recently revamped with a host of technological improvements and new engines to boost infotainment options and fuel economy across the board.
With three different sizes of Prius available and with prices starting under $20,000, Toyota is hoping to solidify its position as a leader in hybrid vehicles. 

Toyota Prius c

Source: The Globe and Mail

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RE: Interesting
By Samus on 5/31/2012 7:32:27 PM , Rating: 2
Torque generated by diesel engines does put stress on the frame, especially in rear-wheel drive vehicles where the rear-end has a counter-torque damper bolted to the frame. Differentials and transmissions need to be beefed up for diesel torque, but most of the time manual transmissions just need a heavy duty clutch. The Golf TDI traditional 5-speed uses the same transmission, dual mass flywheel and clutch with the Golf. The GTI has a 6-speed now I think, obviously a different transmission. But looking at Rock auto, a 2008 Golf and Golf TDI use the same transmission parts, probably because in VW's case, the trans was designed beefy from the get-go.

And if you want a fast truck, a F150 Lightening or Harley Davidson Edition will satisfy; both are supercharged. The Silverado SS isn't bad either for decent fun in a truck.

Some of the Dodge guys seem to think their 5.7l "Hemi" are all that, but they are slower than the competition, get stupidly poor fuel economy and are not reliable. I have yet to hear from someone who has made it 60k on the transmission without a rebuild and whenever I see one on the road they blue smoke like crazy out the tail. I don't know why the hell we bailed Chrysler out.

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