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Next-generation iPhone backplates  (Source: 9 to 5 Mac)

Next-generation iPhone frame  (Source: 9 to 5 Mac)

Next-generation iPhone front glass  (Source: 9 to 5 Mac)
The next generation iPhone is expected to make an appearance in the fall along with iOS 6

New photos of the next-generation iPhone have hit the web, and it looks like Apple fans have plenty of new changes to look forward to when it arrives.

Earlier today, 9 to 5 Mac got its hands on the backplates and frames of the upcoming next-generation iPhone. From the images posted, it seems Apple is making some external and internal changes.

As with the iPhone 4 and 4S, the next-generation iPhone will be available in black and white. Both the black and white versions have backplates that are made of metal, with the plastic trim at the top and bottom. The metal antenna is molded into these metal backplates, likely as a way of making a unibody enclosure for stronger, yet thinner and lighter gadgets.

The new backplates and frames also show that the next-generation iPhone will be the same width, but it will be longer. The screen will reportedly be longer with a size of 3.999 inches diagonally and will have a resolution of 1136 x 640.

Other notable changes that are apparent from the backplates and frames are a smaller dock connector, redesigned speaker grills, a new opening between the camera lens and the LED flash (which is where a second microphone may be placed for better audio when recording video), the earphone jack has been relocated to the bottom corner of the iPhone, and the front camera lens has become centered above the earpiece. 

It also appears that Apple will not feature edge-to-edge technology in this version of the iPhone, but the possibility of Micro-SIM technology (or maybe even no SIMs at all) is pretty strong. LTE and a better processor are a few other add-ons that are expected in the next-generation iPhone.

The next generation iPhone is expected to make an appearance in the fall along with iOS 6.

In addition to next-gen iPhone spec leaks, it was also rumored last week that Apple will release a Mini iPad later this year. The Mini version of Apple's famous tablet is rumored to be 7-inches.

Speaking of Apple prototypes, an original iPad with two dock connectors sold on eBay for $10,200 yesterday. Apple never formally released an iPad with two dock connectors, where one was designed for portrait and the other for landscape, but that rare gadget made its way onto eBay for an expensive Memorial Day bidding war.

Source: 9 to 5 Mac

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RE: Meh
By testerguy on 5/31/2012 9:36:41 AM , Rating: 2
Most are not stuck at 2.1 (and not upset as far as I can tell). 2.1 to 2.2 brought some changes to Android that I appreciated. That's why being stuck at 2.1 would have been frustrating. It's not clear to me why that makes everything I've said irrelevant, since I'm basically saying some updates are more important than others.

I think you miss the point. Users have every right to be upset if they are stuck on ANY older version on brand new or nearly new phones. If you want to claim ICS didn't bring any improvements, then that works against you too. Either way, customers are being skanked. If you are honestly trying to defend customers being left stuck on an older version, whether that's 2.1 or 2.2, you're a joke.

What is interesting is that you don't care if the iOS update actually does anything for you. You're just happy to get it...

You wrote two things claiming my opinions are something, neither of which I said? Talk about stupidity. What I said, and I'll repeat it since it obviously escaped you, is that whether or not the update brought big changes, relative to such and such an Android update, is not provable. Everybody can have their own opinions on it. I didn't voice mine, and I most certainly did not say anything remotely resembling what you say I did. Reading fail.

In the same vein, there's no specific reason you really wanted an update for your Android phones, you're just upset you didn't get it???

OK, so lets assume you're right and that people don't care about being stuck on older versions of Android. That makes the update pretty worthless. Either way, Android users suffer. You can try and twist it any way you want but the bottom line is, people with new or 6 month old phones can't even use the latest Android. If you want to tell yourself it doesn't matter (something which can only be true if ICS introduces nothing desirable), fine, but the rest of the logical world will pass that idiocy by.

This has reminded me that there really is a group of people out there who would be happier with their device as long as the OEM or Google or Apple incremented the version number on a regular basis (and maybe changes the system theme colors or something).

This has reminded me that there really are millions of people who would appreciate if their recently purchased phone receives the latest software update. Again, your implication is a completely unfounded nonsense which fails to address the points above. If you suggest ICS is merely colour scheme changes, Android users lose. If you suggest it's more than that, Android users lose by being stuck on older versions. The bottom line is Android users lose. What Apple does is actually completely irrelevant to this, by the way, which is the point you're trying to claim. Now obviously anyone educated knows what improvements iOS brought, but rather than debate over 'how much' it improved, something subjective, I rendered that irrelevant to make mine a factual point. That fact being that if you buy an Android handset there's a good chance based on historical precedents that you wont get software updates which match the latest software from that company. With Apple, you can be sure you will. Whatever that latest technology has, it's all you could expect from that tech company.

As far as the button goes: Apple decided not to have more than one button. That doesn't make it useless. Not a whole lot more to say about that.

The fact that you say it doesn't make it useless doesn't make it useful. I gave a plethora of reasons why it could be the right decision, they seem to have escaped you. Why they actually made the decision and the fact they made such a decision was not the basis of my point. Again, reading fail.

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