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Next-generation iPhone backplates  (Source: 9 to 5 Mac)

Next-generation iPhone frame  (Source: 9 to 5 Mac)

Next-generation iPhone front glass  (Source: 9 to 5 Mac)
The next generation iPhone is expected to make an appearance in the fall along with iOS 6

New photos of the next-generation iPhone have hit the web, and it looks like Apple fans have plenty of new changes to look forward to when it arrives.

Earlier today, 9 to 5 Mac got its hands on the backplates and frames of the upcoming next-generation iPhone. From the images posted, it seems Apple is making some external and internal changes.

As with the iPhone 4 and 4S, the next-generation iPhone will be available in black and white. Both the black and white versions have backplates that are made of metal, with the plastic trim at the top and bottom. The metal antenna is molded into these metal backplates, likely as a way of making a unibody enclosure for stronger, yet thinner and lighter gadgets.

The new backplates and frames also show that the next-generation iPhone will be the same width, but it will be longer. The screen will reportedly be longer with a size of 3.999 inches diagonally and will have a resolution of 1136 x 640.

Other notable changes that are apparent from the backplates and frames are a smaller dock connector, redesigned speaker grills, a new opening between the camera lens and the LED flash (which is where a second microphone may be placed for better audio when recording video), the earphone jack has been relocated to the bottom corner of the iPhone, and the front camera lens has become centered above the earpiece. 

It also appears that Apple will not feature edge-to-edge technology in this version of the iPhone, but the possibility of Micro-SIM technology (or maybe even no SIMs at all) is pretty strong. LTE and a better processor are a few other add-ons that are expected in the next-generation iPhone.

The next generation iPhone is expected to make an appearance in the fall along with iOS 6.

In addition to next-gen iPhone spec leaks, it was also rumored last week that Apple will release a Mini iPad later this year. The Mini version of Apple's famous tablet is rumored to be 7-inches.

Speaking of Apple prototypes, an original iPad with two dock connectors sold on eBay for $10,200 yesterday. Apple never formally released an iPad with two dock connectors, where one was designed for portrait and the other for landscape, but that rare gadget made its way onto eBay for an expensive Memorial Day bidding war.

Source: 9 to 5 Mac

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RE: Nice!
By testerguy on 5/31/2012 9:00:03 AM , Rating: 2
Stop deluding yourself and trying to tweak the results to get your point across..

Actually, I was simply proving the point that claims like 'CPU is faster' are not correct. The benchmarks you re-posted reaffirm this. They very much vary depending on the benchmark.

I did pick the graphs which disproved his point, you're right in that sense. What you failed to understanding is that I didn't need to post every single graph, just one or two proofs by counter example was all that was required. Obviously that escaped you?

Also let's not forget the other sections of the test where battery life of the galaxy s2 came out on top of the iphone 4s instead you conveniently leave them out...

Did you seriously just hand select 2 benchmarks to try and make a point instead of including all of them? Oh the irony. The point remains that on the balance of normal use the iPhone 4S has better battery life. You only have to look at all the complaints about the SG2 and Android phones battery life in general to know that.

I don't think any of us wonder why our systems suck please stop pushing your inferiority complex onto us

Yeah because when I say that other systems suck, implying that mine are far superior, that is naturally an inferiority complex? Don't try to use long words next time, it's embarrassing.

sure it could be argued that in general apple consumers are happier but considering how many products they sell {like 5 or 6} it's not that shocking.

What kind of distorted nonsense logic is this? Their customers are happier, but it's only because of {insert X reason why they are happier}..... jeez, explaining WHY something is better doesn't mean it's not.

You should stop deluding yourself the most recent smartphone numbers put android at 59% of the world smartphone market and apple at 23%, when over half the worlds population chooses android it's not because we were forced to

Just trying to look at where I made any claims about % share of Android (not a company) vs Apple (a company)... since this would, for me, be an irrelevant comparison. Oh, I didn't. So your point is.... irrelevant. More % of the world own Ford Focus's or equivalents over Bentleys too, does it mean they're better? No, they're cheaper, perform worse, less fun to use, less functionalities, but a wide variety of free / cheap options so people buy. With the wide range of different models there are often niches which are filled with the plethora of Android manufacturers who all make far less profit than Apple do in the process. Surveys have shown that a higher % of Android users would like to switch to iOS than vice versa, but like I said it's an irrelevant statistic anyway. Apple owns Android as much as anyone else does - it's not even an entity.

Cue 60% of smartphone owners are wrong or apple still makes more money argument,

The point is Android isn't even a company, but more importantly, I hadn't even made any claims about % of the world who uses what, for all of the reasons I cited above it's a foolish and irrelevant question. Particularly, if I can drag you back from the million miles off topic you got, when comparing 2 specific handsets.

one day you will wake up and realize that most of the world has chosen android not iOS and we are mostly happy with it...

As I've said above, I'm completely objective and indifferent when it comes to phone companies. You say 'we have chosen Android' but what you've actually done, is between 10 different companies, you've managed to pull together and the combined effort is just about beating the single best selling and most successful company in the industry. That's the reality. And by the way, for most people who bought Android, they bought Android phones not because of the OS, but because they wanted the cheapest, or a specific niche fulfilled by one of the many models. It's not because when faced with a choice of Android vs IOS they choose Android.

"Folks that want porn can buy an Android phone." -- Steve Jobs

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