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Yahoo Axis demo  (Source: Yahoo)
Yahoo releases its own search browser, in the company's latest attempt to keep people active with Yahoo's services

Yahoo recently launched a mobile-centric new search browser with a focus on Web browsing and syncing the content across other platforms.

Yahoo Axis is an app designed for the Apple iPhone and iPad, but can be used on desktop browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. Yahoo included the add-on for desktop browsers, but there is a direct focus on helping keep mobile users engaged.

Developers designed the service so when users search for something, Axis shows thumbnail images before users leave the page they are on.

Yahoo also included the ability to find "instant" answers when searching for common search queries, such as stock information, sports scores, and the weather.

In reality, search results are listed, but the results are integrated into the browser and users can choose the thumbnail before they go directly to the site. Using the iPhone or other smartphones, users are able to use their touch screen to navigate and select a page that interests them.

"It's an innovative new mobile browser and desktop plug-in that gives people visual search results (as they type), ultimately providing a more direct path to whatever they're looking for online. Think of it as a personal companion for your daily explorations of the Web," Yahoo boasted in its corporate blog.

If logged into Yahoo, the Axis page includes bookmarks, links, and articles that can be flagged to be read or viewed at a later date. Axis is marketed towards the male tech demographic age 18 to 35-years old, and hopefully will help mobile users save time when browsing.

IPhone 4S users are reporting slower performance when using Axis, while the latest iPad is able to utilize the service quickly.

Yahoo is desperate to remain relevant in a market controlled by Google, Facebook, and other brands that have been able to keep up. Axis is an attempt to offer a service with quality user experience instead of just trying to jump all over revenue, which will be important if users adopt the service.

Source: Yahoo Blog

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Same as Chrome, but for iOS?
By Trisped on 5/25/2012 6:58:44 PM , Rating: 2
So, it sounds like Axis is the same as Google's Chrome, except it is available on iOS devices and compatible with IE and FF.

Am I missing something?

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