Now lucky students will able to get their porn, pirated movies, and er... academic data faster than ever before

Gigabit Squared is a fresh-faced development startup, but the new kid on the block is looking to unseat established cable giants and make the U.S. a leader in internet speeds.  The company is promising residential speeds "between 100 and 1,000 times".

Currently the U.S. is in 13th place in terms of average internet connection speed, according to a study by Akamai.  That study estimated U.S. broadband speeds to be at approximately 5.8 Mbps.  That's less than a third of the 17.5 Mbps averaged by global leader South Korea.

In order to deliver 500+ Mbps internet, Gigabit Squared has teamed up with six Gig U member universities to build $200M USD worth of new infrastructure to select neighborhoods.  The company describes:

Under the Gigabit Neighborhood Gateway Program, capital is available to support up to six select Gig.U member-sponsored projects.  At the center of the Gigabit Neighborhood Gateway Program is the idea that communities and their local stakeholders can drive economic opportunities through private investments that leverage public capital that will accelerate the deployment and utilization of gigabit speed networks.
Gigabit Neighborhood
Selected neighborhoods for deployment will be announced "between November 2012 and March 2013".

The project may seem like a pipe dream, particularly given how slow current speeds are, but it's not altogether impossible.  Deutsche Telekom AG (ETR:DTE), the parent of U.S. carrier T-Mobile USA, recently demonstrated 512 Gbps fiber cable internet using traditional equipment.  Even when the bandwidth is divided among multiple users, that could still wind up somewhere in the ballpark (0.5-1 Gbps) that Gigabit Squared is hoping for.

Broadband by Country
U.S. broadband speeds are currently in 13th place. [Image Source: Akamai]

The company says Congressionally allocated funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act [PDF] are just the start.  Mark Ansboury, president of Gigabit Squared, cheerfully predicts, "The Stimulus Funding was a great jumpstart to get broadband initiatives on track in the U.S.  But it is just a starting point.  In order to realize true economic revitalization, we’re urging our national and community leaders to think and act in more creative ways. And we’re backing those efforts with significant investment of our own."

Source: Gigabit Squared

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