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Apple dominates tablet market

The latest numbers are in from NPD DisplaySearch looking at the mobile PC share and shipments for Q1 2012. According to the numbers, Apple shipped nearly 17.2 million mobile PCs in Q1 racking up 118% year-over-year growth. The big seller for Apple that pushed it to such high numbers is the iPad. DisplaySearch found that nearly 80% of Apple's mobile PC shipments were the iPad.
Apple's ever-popular tablet shipped over 13.6 million units alone in Q1 of 2012 for 162% year-over-year growth. The overall market shipped 76.2 million mobile PCs during Q1, for a seasonal drop of 15% compared to Q4 2011. Shipments grew 30% year-over-year showing that the mobile computer market is making a comeback after the economic turmoil 2011. 
Tablet PCs grew 124% year-over-year with notebooks and mini notebooks growing 12%. The tablet PC growth is absolutely fueled by the Apple iPad. Breaking down the numbers based on region, China was largest market for growth quarter over quarter.
"The China region had sequential quarter shipment growth, achieving 13% for mobile PCs overall, 12% for notebook and mini-note PCs, and 16% for tablet PCs," said Richard Shim, NPD DisplaySearch Senior Analyst. "This is noteworthy given the sequential declines in all other regions as well as the declines in other product categories including TVs and monitors."
Apple's iPad allowed the company to reach 22.5% of the overall mobile PC market for the quarter, nearly twice HP's share. The other top five brands for the quarter relied on notebooks for their market share. HP was second largest shipping 8.9 million units for 11.6% of the market. Acer took the third spot with 6.9 million units shipped for 9% of the market. Lenovo had the fourth place spot with 5.9 million units shipped and 7.7% of the market followed closely by Dell in fifth place with 5.6 million units shipped and 7.3% of the mobile PC market.
The numbers look very different if you take tablets out of the figures with HP coming in first for notebooks and mini notebook shipments with 8.9 million units moved and 16.2% of the market. Acer was in 3rd place, Lenovo was in third, Dell was in fourth place, and Asus was in fifth place. 

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RE: Apple macbooks
By testerguy on 5/23/2012 4:22:46 AM , Rating: 0
This entire anti-Apple rant brought to you by a guy who has clearly never owned multiple $1,000 laptops and actually used them and compared them, particularly the Macbook Air.

Looks alone doesn't even scratch the surface of why the Macbook Air is the best value high performance laptop right now. The screen is simply excellent, has been widely raved about in numerous reviews. The SSD is lightning fast, it performs way better than my Quad SSD setup in my much more expensive Sony Vaio laptop. Things like the screen hinge, backlit keyboard, and size of the mouse pad and its gestures are simply unparalleled by ANY other laptop, regardless of price. I've used it for a year now and it's never slowed down, never crashed, I benchmarked the SSD's and they run faster than the OCZ Revodrive in my main desktop pc.

It's thinner and lighter than basically any laptop you can put it against - the Asus UX21 is basically the only similar laptop in the same price bracket, which has no backlit keyboard, worse mouse-pad, worse screen, and costs pretty much the same.

There is essentially no better laptop than the Macbook Air at the same price point which offers all of its thinness, lightness, speed, backlit keyboard, excellent screen, enlarged and high quality mouse mat, oh and the excellent battery life too. Some ignorant people may point to bulkier laptops which perform better on a specification level but to do so would be to misunderstand what an Ultrabook actually is. You can also run Windows on it. As for ports - there are only a few ports but you don't really ever need them if you're an up-to-date modern professional (the target market for this laptop). 2 USB sockets is plenty, Mini display port to HDMI etc is no problem, it's basically the best laptop I've ever owned. And I say that having used it every day alongside a Sony Vaio and Asus UX21. There is no comparison.

"A lot of people pay zero for the cellphone ... That's what it's worth." -- Apple Chief Operating Officer Timothy Cook
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