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Comcast to trial slight increase in data caps

Thousands of Comcast customers around the country were far from happy back in 2008 when the cable company announced that it would put a 250 GB cap on its monthly broadband customers. Once that 250 GB cap was reached, customers were forced to pay an additional $10 for 50 GB of additional data.

Comcast has now announced that it will be making changes to the data caps it places on its plans. The cable company says that over the next few months it will begin the trial of improved data usage management approaches. The company says it will be piloting at least two different approaches in various markets. Details will be provided closer to launch, but Comcast is offering a broad overview.
The first new approach Comcast is talking about will offer multitier usage allowances that increase for each tier of its high-speed data services. The plan will start with the 300 GB usage allotment on internet essentials, economy, and performance tiers. Blast and Extreme tiers would get a higher allotment, but the specific amount isn't mentioned. Once those allotments were reached customers would pay an additional $10 for 50 GB of data.
The second approach would be to increase data usage thresholds for all tiers to 300 GB monthly with the same $10 per 50 GB over charges. The changes boil down to customers in the trial areas will get an extra 50 GB of monthly allotment.
Comcast wrote, "Our goal with this improved approach, these consumer trials, and our continued investment in our network is to create products that meet the needs of all of our residential customers (even the heaviest users) and provide everyone with a choice." 

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Are you sure?
By datdamonfoo on 5/21/2012 10:36:00 AM , Rating: 2
Are you sure about the specifics of Comcast's cap? I have had Comcast both before and after the 250 limit, and the way I was told, and experienced, was that if you cross the 250 GB limit AND you're one of the top 5% downloaders in your area, you are given a warning. If you do it again within 12 months, you are banned from Comcast. You aren't charged extra money for going over the limit (which I've done several times, to the tune of 1-5 GB, and experienced no charge or warning). However, when the cap was first instituted a few years ago, I had a month that I downloaded over 700 GB. I received a phone call warning me not to do it again within 12 months. But that was it.

On a side note, I hate the cap. I could easily download 500 GB a month.

RE: Are you sure?
By Ravensong on 5/22/2012 4:10:07 AM , Rating: 2
I live with two guys and we on average use between 400-500GB's a month(Comcast). One month we hit the 750Gb mark and still didn't receive a call. About 2 months ago one of the guys went absolutely crazy and pushed us over the 1000GB marker.

It was at that point that we received a phone call warning us that if it happened again we would lose service for a short period of time. If they had to call us for a third time we would be completely banned from using their service for a 12 month period.

We primarily use the bandwidth for streaming HD content, downloading Steam games or content from other digital platforms. Where our usage really gets out of control is the guy that lives downstairs torrents like a fiend and doesn't understand computers/torrents all that well.

After leaving uTorrent running 27/7 for a full month with everything he had ever downloaded left on the list... we finally got Comcast's attention. I now monitor his uTorrent like a hawk since he likes to update its version and run the wizard for bandwidth settings thus consuming everything we have (25mb/4mb). The internet is bogging down... my game is lagging. DAMN COMCAST! Oh wait... DAMN STONER DOWNSTAIRS DOWNLOADING "LOADS" OF PORN! :(

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