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Steve Jobs was firm opponent to larger smartphones or smaller tablets, said Android was making a mistake

Late Apple, Inc. (AAPL) CEO Steven P. Jobs once infamously launched into a rant about why Apple only offered two size screens in its mobile lineup -- a 3.5-inch smartphone and a 10-inch tablet.

He commented, "The reason we wouldn't make a 7-inch tablet isn't because we don't want to hit a price point, it's because we don't think you can make a great tablet with a 7-inch screen.  The 7-inch tablets are tweeners, too big to compete with a smartphone and too small to compete with an iPad.  [Increasing screen resolution on small devices is] meaningless, unless your tablet also includes sandpaper, so that the user can sand down their fingers to around one quarter of the present size."

"There are clear limits of how close you can physically place elements on a touch screen before users cannot reliably tap, flick or pinch them.  This is one of the key reasons we think the 10-inch screen size is the minimum size required to create great tablet apps."

But with Mr. Jobs' passing, it appears Apple is finally on the verge of following in Android's footsteps and giving many of its customers what they want -- a larger screen.

Reuters has offered confirmation from unnamed sources that the Wall Street Journal's report regarding a 4+ inch iPhone was accurate.  The sources confirm that Apple placed a large order on displays that "will measure 4 inches from corner to corner."

The Reuters report suggests that orders were placed with both South Korean and Japanese display providers, suggesting Apple is looking for a quick turnaround -- all signs pointing to hardware for a soon-to-launch product.

A 4-inch display would give the iPhone 30 percent more space and would help Apple keep up with Android and offer options for users with larger, less pixiesque fingers.

Of course these are just rumors, but it sounds like pretty much everyone is sure that Apple will be bumping its screen size after long admonishing Android for its diverse lineup of larger screen smartphones and mini-tablets.

Source: Reuters

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Deja Vu. We must be in the Matrix
By tayb on 5/17/2012 6:44:43 PM , Rating: 1
It seems like this article appeared just a few days ago...

But... I take it from the lack of Steve Jobs iPhone quotes that he never did actually say that he thought 4" phones were too big and that Android was making a mistake making 4" phones. Thinking a 7" tablet is stupid is not an uncommon opinion. I completely agree with that.

I think Steve Jobs did realize that phones CAN be too big without a UI or hardware redesign. A 4" screen isn't a big issue but if the hardware makes the top of the 4" screen so far away from the bottom that I have to re-position my hand to swipe down for notifications it IS an issue. I still don't understand why no one has copied Microsoft's bottom URL approach or why you can't swipe UP to see the notification bar.

RE: Deja Vu. We must be in the Matrix
By Mr_Armageddon on 5/18/2012 11:39:39 AM , Rating: 6
Actually, Jobs was pretty adamant that 4in and larger phones were a mistake, and that "no one’s going to buy" these "Hummer" phones.

Looks like with Steve out of the way, Apple is seeing that people want larger screens, as they are much easier to use, especially for people that have large hands and fingers like I do. The GSIII is a great example of a large screen with a relatively small bezel / profile.

RE: Deja Vu. We must be in the Matrix
By Solandri on 5/18/2012 5:44:14 PM , Rating: 2
Like most visionaries, Jobs was pretty egotistical and narcissistic. He figured a 3.5" screen on a phone was perfect for himself, therefore it must be perfect for everyone else.

The real solution here is that you need 2.5" screens, 3.5" screens, 4" screens, and 4.5" screens, if not more. Each person has their own individual preference. The way the market works is that the buyers dictate to the sellers what they want, and the seller works to accommodate them. A business model based on the seller dictating to the buyer what they must buy is never going to capture most of the market.

RE: Deja Vu. We must be in the Matrix
By PrinceGaz on 5/19/2012 4:16:51 PM , Rating: 2
Each person might have their own individual preference for screen sizes etc, but that does not mean that they know which size is actually best for them.

The optimal size for a smartphone screen until recently was 3.5" but with changing usage models is now 4" which is why Apple is responding to this change with a new iPhone perfectly matching everyone's ideal requirements.

By augiem on 5/20/2012 3:31:16 PM , Rating: 3
Changing usage models, lol. Come on, you're gonna tell me surfing the web on a 3.5 inch phone was EVER optimal? Is that why everyone had to make an app our of their websites so people wouldn't be frustrated using them on iPhones. And is that why apple included automatic text upscaling in Safari that web designers have to manually disable through a special css command? When the phone came out they claimed it you could surf the REAL web and not some special mobile version, but ultimately everyone had to tailor their sites to the puny screen anyway adding yet another layer of crud web desginers have to keep up with.

The day jobs died I KNEW Apple would IMMEDIATELY begin their breakdown and have to start giving customers the one thing they denied them for so long -- choices. 7" ipad and 4" smartphone are just the first things on the list.

By GotThumbs on 5/21/2012 11:28:54 AM , Rating: 3
Visionary? You mean Cult leader. That more of an accurate title for Jobs IMO. He thought He knew what was best for everyone. "Your holding it wrong!" Clearly he felt many of his consumers were idiots and have to have their hands held through life. Why else would Apple have such a controlling ecosystem. You buy their HW and are forced to use their software and buy from their market. Zero chance for personal choice.

Its not nice to say, but I'm honestly glad He's no longer with us.

By retrospooty on 5/18/2012 5:48:08 PM , Rating: 2
Ya, 9 million pre-orders for the Galaxy S3 is a whole lot of 4.8 inch phones.

And that doesnt even count US's largest carrier, Verizon.

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