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Verizon won't make any new friends with its latest attack on unlimited data

It appears that the unlimited wireless data "gravy train" is fast coming to an end. No matter which wireless network you use in the United States, they all are looking for ways to cripple "unlimited" data either by cutting off the plans altogether or throttling data after a certain gigabyte threshold is crossed.
Verizon Wireless is the latest U.S. carrier to punch customers right between the eyes when it comes to unlimited data. The company is ending the practice of allowing customers on grandfathered, unlimited 3G plans to move to an unlimited 4G data plan when upgrading to a new LTE phone. Instead, those long-time Verizon Wireless customers will have to sign up for a new plan with data caps according to FierceWireless.
Verizon Communications CFO Fran Shammo explained the move at the 40th J.P. Morgan Technology, Media and Telecom conference, stating, "LTE is our anchor point for data share, so as you come through an upgrade cycle and you upgrade in the future, you will have to go onto the data share plan, moving away from the unlimited world."
Shammo is hoping that customers won't mind being kicked off unlimited data plans once Verizon Wireless' family shared data plans launch this summer.

"Everyone will be on data share," Shammo added.
Unfortunately, the company has yet to announce pricing for the shared data plans. However, we have the feeling that customers will be getting a lot less for their money with a family shared data plan than they do with the current grandfathered, unlimited 3G/4G plans.

Source: FierceWireless

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Already left them...
By 1ceTr0n on 5/16/2012 7:11:00 PM , Rating: 0
Makes me even feel even better about ditching them last month when I gave up on them ever getting the Samsung Galaxy note. My Droid X was a good phone but it was starting to get a bit slow and after playing with a Note, I just had to have one. So I gave Verizon the finger, paid my early termination fee, signed up with AT&T and got myself a sexy white Note from Costco for $250 with waived activation fee and free accessories. Couldn't be happier.

I haven't had voice call issues so far with AT&T in my first month and the 4G speeds are pretty good in my area wereas Verizon is still stuck in 3G land in my state. Yeah, AT&T's CEO is a narrowminded and moronic dick, and the company itself is far from perfect, but in this case, I chose the lesser of two evils and got a awesome phablet now.

RE: Already left them...
By 1ceTr0n on 5/16/12, Rating: 0
RE: Already left them...
By Trisped on 5/16/2012 7:39:34 PM , Rating: 2
Maybe they will answer and you will get the point back. :)

RE: Already left them...
By Dr of crap on 5/17/2012 8:28:43 AM , Rating: 2
Don't mind over paying do you.
You paid the ETF and then paid FULL price for a phone!
Hope that SEXY new phone sleeps with you as well!

Oh, I have some lovely swamp land I'd like you to see!

RE: Already left them...
By 1ceTr0n on 5/17/2012 9:52:38 PM , Rating: 2
Uh no, I did a new contract with at&t so I got the phone at a discount. And yes, my galaxy note rubs me to sleep in bed and then mastubates me also, there is an app for that

RE: Already left them...
By leviathan05 on 5/17/2012 8:28:57 AM , Rating: 2
Cool story bro ...

"Well, there may be a reason why they call them 'Mac' trucks! Windows machines will not be trucks." -- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer
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