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Subscriber loss surprised some

There a lot of people in the gaming and Star Wars communities, and they were really excited when EA announced about a year ago that it was investing $80 million into a Star Wars themed MMORPG. That game launched as Star Wars: The Old Republic and racked up a large number of users very quickly. It appears that the popularity of the game may be cooling.
According to EA, the game had 1.3 million subscribers at the end of April. At the end of February, the game had 1.7 million subscribers. The reduction coincides with the game's launch in the Asia-Pacific region. Star Wars: TOR comes with a free month subscription so some subscriber fall off was expected shortly after the launch, but the number of losses has surprised many.
EA maintains that the subscriber drop-off is consistent with its projections. Subscriber losses being consistent still didn't prevent EA's shares from dropping as much as 10% in after-hours trading. According to EA interim CFO Peter Moore, "a substantial portion of the decrease [was] due to casual and trial players cycling out of the subscriber base, driving up the overall percentage of paying subscribers."
Casual gamers tend to drop out and stop playing when their free month subscription is over. EA is talking about plans to keep paying customers paying with character expansions and more. EA CEO John Riccitiello counters that the MMORPG is one of the company's top 10 profitable titles. 
"It's a business contributor, while important, is not as important as Medal of Honour or Battlefield or FIFA or Madden or The Sims or SimCity," he said.
Many think competition in the MMORPG sector will only get more intense with the announcement that The Elder Scrolls Online is coming next year. 

Source: BBC

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RE: Not Just Casual
By Sazabi19 on 5/11/2012 11:36:58 AM , Rating: 2
I thought it looked nice and I always liked SW, not a HUGE diehard or anything but I liked the movies and most of the games. I got this and thought, well I can try it for a month for free and if I don't like it I will stop. Honestly I think $60 just to try is a bit too much money, I think it should have a free month then you can buy it (trial period). Also, there is a "free" month, but you HAVE to buy at least 1 month in order to use that month (you have to have your CC on file and charged for 1 month, then you play that and THEN play your free month, no matter what you are paying $75 for this, no other option). I found the game so incredibly repetitive that I got tired of it within the 1st month but decided to try to stick it out and see if it got better, not for me; The game somehow seems... oddly primitive. I played (don't laugh) Runecape for about 6 years, 9 off and on (still go on for nostalgia) and that is by no means an awesome game (graphically, mechanically, almost anything) but I personally find it more fun and engaging. I would love for more games to have an actual demo/trial before you had to pay, like WoW. I don't play Wow, but I like the fact that there is an option to where I can try it and see if I like it. I don't honestly see this game lasting very long.

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