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Symantec's Internet Security Threat Report revealed that religious websites have triple the number of virus-related threats than pornographic sites

A new report by security software company Symantec showed that religious websites are more likely to infect computers with viruses than pornographic sites.

Symantec's Internet Security Threat Report revealed that religious websites have triple the number of virus-related threats than pornographic sites.

"It is interesting to note that websites hosting adult/pornographic content are not in the top five, but ranked tenth," said Symantec in its Internet Security Threat Report. "We hypothesize that this is because pornographic website owners already make money from the Internet and, as a result, have a vested interest in keeping their sites malware-free; it's not good for repeat business."

Symantec's Internet Security Threat Report draws its conclusions from the Symantec Global Intelligence Network, which keeps an eye on cyber threats and activity in over 200 countries.

Earlier this week, Symantec also reported that the Flashback trojan, which has infected hundreds of thousands of Mac computers, generates about $10,000 per day. The Flashback trojan disguises itself as an install Java applet on hijacked sites, and when the user approves it, the trojan runs a piece of code that exploits a flaw in Java to remove OS X's anti-malware abilities. It then has the ability to steal clicks from ads on Google's search engine next to regular search results. Flashback installs alternative control programs, which turns Macs into bots. Meanwhile, the cyber criminals reap the benefits from the ghost clicks, meaning ad clicks that are not performed by a human, but by a bot instead.

Symantec's Internet Security Threat Report also mentioned that cyber attacks have increasingly targeted smartphones and tablets as well as employees at government agencies.

Source: Symantec

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RE: lol, umad
By geddarkstorm on 5/5/2012 3:43:15 AM , Rating: 2
Problem with your thinking is Christian teaching doesn't teach hate. And it's amusing how that's all you can drag up in your slices of history. Really, that's it, that's the worst?

What about the Mayans and cutting out the hearts of prisoners? What about the Iroquois and butchering the defeated? What about the Romans and their crucifixions? What about the Mongols and their wiping out whole city states, redirecting rivers over them, waiting around just to slaughter the returning survivors, and salting the fields to prevent any plants from ever regrowing?

Who directed all the massive wars that swept through ancient China time and again? Or the feudal states of Japan? Who wrote the rules that just looking at a samurai wrong could get your head lopped off?

Christianity teachers explicitly to love everyone, put others first, and accept people for who they are. Yes, there is moral guidance for how to conduct a church, and different churches in different societal situations were given slightly different guidance. Yes, there's moral guidance for how to live a "pure" life personally, or as pure as one can get. But no where is there guidance to hate. And Christianity is dedicated to grace and mercy.

Did you know that the theologian Boswell uncovered proof that the catholic church routinely married same sex couples up to the 14th century? Or that King James, who commissioned the translation of the Bible that bares his name was a homosexual? Why did this change, not due to the nature of Christianity itself, but just society.

People will always do evil things, have always done evil things, and will use whatever name or be under whatever name when they do those things. Christianity by nature is dedicated to all that is good; no where in Christianity are "crusades" ever advocated or mentioned, nor burning people, nor extermination camps, nor taking things first (quite the contrary, a Christian is told to provide for others first and foremost), nor to massacre (and were not the Christians of Darfur the object of very modern genocide?)! All those things are absolutely against Christianity.

Don't confuse general human horrificness with the intrinsic nature of Christianity; that is a decidedly ignorant thing to do.

RE: lol, umad
By Ramtech on 5/5/2012 3:52:15 AM , Rating: 2
Christian teaching doesn't teach hate

Christians are disagreeing with you

RE: lol, umad
By ShaolinSoccer on 5/5/12, Rating: 0
RE: lol, umad
By Ramtech on 5/5/2012 10:21:18 AM , Rating: 2
If Christians are teaching so much about love why don't they edit this bad stuff out?

Then why don't for example United Methodist Church will say okay this is Bible its full of bad stuff but we edited it and its no longer "hate filled book" its like selling C4 to everyone with letter use it only for peaceful purposes or selling dual use technology to Iran

And yet, Atheists teaching is all about hate...

You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor

And i am sure that you wrote that with hate in your heart

RE: lol, umad
By The Raven on 5/5/2012 10:41:16 AM , Rating: 2
And yet, Atheists teaching is all about hate...
Let me preface this by saying that I disagree with this statement being an atheist myself lol
If Christians are teaching so much about love why don't they edit this bad stuff out?
Why don't the a religious (atheists) edit out what is happening in south central and Mexico with the drugs and gangs? That S is in no way happening in the name of religion.

Face it, religion is only a veil that people place over violence. They have ulterior motives to do bad things.

Having said that, there are some sects (FEW) of Christianity, Islam, Hindu, etc. that actually espouse hate and/or death. And you can put atheism and science on that list of groups that have their (FEW) portion of nutjobs as well.

RE: lol, umad
By Ramtech on 5/5/2012 1:49:22 PM , Rating: 2
Face it, religion is only a veil that people place over violence. They have ulterior motives to do bad things.

Bible is manual for Christians right? do you agree on that?
Let say that you have mechanic he has manual he skips the first part where how to fix your car was properly explained and reads something like assemble engine without piston rings

Sure he skipped the important part... but can you blame him its written there and theres no DEPRECATED in there

Then why let them use Bible as justification for their evil deeds
Btw if you remove the evil stuff from Bible thats good deed xD

Just continue to sell C4 most people will use it just for demolition...

Next time please address my point...

RE: lol, umad
By Reclaimer77 on 5/5/2012 9:19:06 AM , Rating: 2
Wow a whole 40 members of that church. Look out world!!!

RE: lol, umad
By Ramtech on 5/5/2012 10:32:03 AM , Rating: 2
Jesus began with 12 Apostles

RE: lol, umad
By StevoLincolnite on 5/5/2012 4:14:34 PM , Rating: 2
Problem with your thinking is Christian teaching doesn't teach hate.

That would be true if they weren't spouting that homosexuality is a sin, against nature and all that other stuff.

"What would I do? I'd shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders." -- Michael Dell, after being asked what to do with Apple Computer in 1997

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