The new large cache Celerons make an entrance this weekend

Intel's new Xeon DP boxart
Intel's newest CPUs may go down as one of the most unremembered bunch of processors

As expected, Intel's roadmaps show May 28th as the next spring-board day for Intel price cuts.  Intel's roadmaps only show a few processors taking minor cuts -- at least until the Core 2 Duo launch a few weeks away. 

Two new 65nm Celerons will also make an introduction on May 28th; the Celeron D 356 and 352.  Both processors are 533FSB CPUs with 512KB L2 cache -- making them two of the most cache-heavy Celerons ever.  With the introduction of these two CPUs, merchants are starting to make some minor corrections on pricing across the Celeron D level, but for the most part the new Celerons will fill a price gap between the existing Celeron 355 and the rapidly fading Pentium 530.

Additionally, on May 28 Intel plans to announce the Celeron Mobile 410 processor, which should debut right around $86. 

Today, Intel also silently introduced the Xeon DP 5080, 5060, 5050 and 5063 Socket 771 processors at $851, $316, $209 and $369, respectively.  These Xeon DP processors, based on the Dempsey architecture, are Intel's last Netburst processors to see the light of day. 

Intel has already slated the Core-based Woodcrest (roadmap here) to slice into the majority of Dempsey's market. Since Dempsey will be one of the first Socket 771 processors, it isn't really a quick upgrade from existing Xeon DP Paxville processors.  Intel just released Woodcrest benchmarks for the first time today. 

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