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Nokia credit rating downgraded by a third firm

Source: Reuters

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RE: Convince dump, buy, then pump.
By jnemesh on 4/24/2012 12:45:44 PM , Rating: 0
And how many were shipped? Certainly not numbers that would rival the iPhone or Samsung numbers. So they sold out of 20,000 handsets...big deal!

RE: Convince dump, buy, then pump.
By kleinma on 4/24/2012 12:51:38 PM , Rating: 2
That sales figure smells like you pulled it out of your ass. Is that where it came from?

RE: Convince dump, buy, then pump.
By jnemesh on 4/24/12, Rating: -1
RE: Convince dump, buy, then pump.
By Mitch101 on 4/24/2012 1:22:22 PM , Rating: 2
It all started somewhere just like droid did and no one took them seriously now where are they? It appears the Nokia 900 was the phone to get it going.

There is noise coming from AT&T and Nokia just wait for it from Microsoft when Windows Phone 8 hits.

Wait till the fall when Verizon drops the hammer.

Microsoft gets a lot of money from droid sales too and samsung alone outsells iPhone.

RE: Convince dump, buy, then pump.
By kleinma on 4/24/2012 4:16:20 PM , Rating: 2
I don't really know what sales numbers need to be for it to be considered a success. I don't think anyone (including Nokia and MS) expect to put up iPhone sized numbers out of the gate. There is too much competition, and too many people already in the android an iOS camps now. However, it doesn't need to move 5 million units to consider it a success and know they are going in the right direction.

The only reason Elop would get the boot is if the shareholders actually thought going Android was a better route that going WP7. I don't think anyone thinks that right now, and waiting for the outcome of the Oracle/Google trial, it might turn out really bad for anyone who DID choose android and went all in.

RE: Convince dump, buy, then pump.
By Mitch101 on 4/24/2012 1:45:06 PM , Rating: 2
Number from Reported sources.

AT&T said it had activated 4.3 million iPhones in the quarter

AT&T, the original carrier of Apple iPhone, did outsell Verizon Wireless in iPhones, posting 4.3 million activations vs. 3.2m activations

The Nokia Lumia 900 on AT&T is selling at a run rate of 1 million units for Q2 2012 - Another analyst put

Thats One Nokia Windows Phone for every four iPhones sold. 20% or 25% depending on how you look at it and this is just the beginning. Like I said wait till Verizon.

Nokia just launched the white lumina 900.

RE: Convince dump, buy, then pump.
By fishman on 4/25/2012 8:03:15 AM , Rating: 2
Sold out at a price of free with 2 year contract. HP sold a ton of tablets when they slashed their price.

RE: Convince dump, buy, then pump.
By InvertMe on 4/25/2012 9:42:29 AM , Rating: 2
EVERYONE knows that this push is just the start and that Nokia will not sell as many phone as iPhone or Android. Save your hate for something that matters - like clowns. Grrrr clowns.

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