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A Marine review board has recommended the dismissal

A United States Marine may be dismissed from the military for posting negative comments about U.S. President Barack Obama on Facebook.

Gary Stein, 26, a meteorologist at Camp Pendleton, posted on Facebook that he refused to follow orders given by Obama. These comments were posted on a Facebook page called the Armed Forces Tea Party.

This isn't Stein's first bout of trouble in the military. The Marine, who has served almost nine years including a tour of duty in Iraq, also got in trouble for comments that he posted on the Armed Forces Tea Party page back in 2010. At that point, he was simply told to put a disclaimer on the page saying that it was in no way affiliated with the U.S. military.

But this time, the Marines believe Stein has gone too far. After posting that he refused to follow Obama's orders, Stein later removed the comments saying that he meant only unlawful orders.

Now, a Marine Corps review board has ruled that Stein should be dismissed with a less-than-honorable discharge for his Facebook comments. This decision came after a 13-hour hearing and one hour deliberation by the board.

This recommendation will be sent to Brigadier General Daniel Yoo, who is commanding general of the Marine Corps Recruiting Depot. He is then expected to make a decision regarding Stein's fate within 30 days.

The Marines are taking Stein's actions very seriously, considering the fact that Marines take an oath to defend the Constitution and obey the Uniform Code of Military Justice, which means Marines cannot partake in political activities while in uniform.

Stein was due to either re-enlist or end his enlistment at the end of July.

This particular case is just another reminder that social media is being watched very closely by overheads such as employers and schools. For instance, employees and applicants at the Maryland Department of Corrections were forced to hand over their Facebook emails and passwords so that employers could take a look at their employees' private lives. Later, the government simply asked employees to log into their Facebook pages right in front of them. In addition, an Indiana high school student was recently expelled for posting foul language on Twitter, even though he supposedly tweeted it from home.

Source: Reuters

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RE: Should know better
By FaaR on 4/10/2012 10:09:44 AM , Rating: 2
Yeah right, you wouldn't be saying that if the President was a Republican. In fact if that were the case, this guy wouldn't even be getting discharged.

Right, because you have both soothsaying and mindreading mental powers, and therefore know how people will act in an alternative fictional universe. You're so fulla crud you even believe your own offal you're spouting.

This happened many times under Bush I'm sure, I don't recall hearing about people getting discharged over it.

If it happened so many times why don't you mention some of them? Maybe the reason you didn't hear about it is because they DIDN'T HAPPEN? But no, I'm sure you never even considered that. In your mind, it's all evil Barack Osama Bin Laden's fault. You loonie.

The people that live and die so our free speech is protected shouldn't have less freedom of speech than we do. That's absurd.

To use your own method of rethoric, I might counter that with you wouldn't be saying that if it was a Republican in the White House; then you'd condemn this sort of behavior like Rush Limbaugh attacking a birth control pill-popping college student... Everybody knows this is true. Lol!

It's easily argued that claiming in public you won't be following your commander-in-chief's orders is detrimental to general troop morale, if not borderline treasonous. You don't join up to the military if you're not willing to take the consequences of that action.

Military servicemen take an oath to the Constitution and the country, NOT the President.

Well, they do in fact swear an oath to the president, so not sure exactly what you're on about, other than your general spiel of "Obama is evil, nobody should have to follow him" and so on that you're usually on about.

"Google fired a shot heard 'round the world, and now a second American company has answered the call to defend the rights of the Chinese people." -- Rep. Christopher H. Smith (R-N.J.)

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