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Former president George H.W. Bush jumps on the Volt bandwagon

The Chevrolet Volt has been battered and bruised over the course of the past six months. The vehicle has weathered an NHTSA investigation into fires, attacks from the members of the media, and production slowdowns. However, General Motors is now touting that the plug-in hybrid had its best sales ever during the month of March.
According to Bloomberg, over 2,000 Volts were sold during the month, surpassing the previous high of 1,529 units in December 2011. GM also claims that it sold over 100,000 vehicles during the month that have an EPA rating of 30 mpg or better. Rather conveniently, GM only cites the highway rating instead of the combined rating to reach that 100,000 figure -- the EPA combined rating takes into account both city and highway fuel economy and is closer to what most drivers will see in the real world.
"GM's strategic investments in four-cylinder and turbocharged engines, advanced transmissions and vehicle electrification have been very well timed," said Mark Reuss, president of GM North America. "Three years ago, about 16 percent of the vehicles GM sold achieved at least 30 mpg on the highway. Today, that number is about 40 percent, and we have more new fuel-economy leaders on the way."

Former President George H.W. Bush bought a new Chevy Volt for his son, Neil Bush
In other Volt news, former Republican President George H.W. Bush bought a Chevrolet Volt. Fox News reports that the former president bought his son, Neil Bush, a Volt for his birthday.
In February, current President Barack Obama promised that he would buy a Chevrolet Volt once he leaves office. "Five years from now when I'm not president anymore, I'll buy one and drive it myself," said President Obama in a speech to members of the United Auto Workers in late February.
The Chevrolet Volt has a base MSRP of $39,145 before a $7,500 tax credit and can travel for up to 36 miles on battery power alone.

Sources: Bloomberg, Fox News, General Motors

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RE: Of course
By Keeir on 4/3/2012 11:24:36 AM , Rating: 3

For some reason, Audi's are the best-selling luxury cars in the world, when they are more expensive, less reliable, and half poor fuel economy compared to virtually every model class from Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, Lincoln and Cadillac.

Errr... I am pretty sure that

A. BMW sells more each year than Audi
B. Lincoln is clearly an inferior car than most Audis
C. Audi's are cheaper than Mercedes, BMW, Lincoln, or Cadillac in the US priced equal to equal
D. Audi's have better fuel economy (typically) than the above brands.

What's practical about a $45,000 VW Golf that is the A4?

A. Wheel base of VW Golf, 101.5" and a Transverse Engine Layout
Wheel base of A4, 110.6" and a Longitudal Engine Layout


B. Also note that in the US, the A4 bases ~33,000. Oh you mean the V6 powered S4 is in some way the same thing as a I5 powered VW Golf? Confused.

The AWD thing is a gimick, too. Most people will never take advantage of it, and I read awhile back that over 90% of Audi Quattro packages sold have the winter package declined, so they are driving year round with Summer or All-season tires at best.

A. All Wheel Drive doesn't require Winter Tires. Winter requires Winter Tires.
B. You mention Subaru. Subaru is the same boat. 100% of Subaru's are sold withou winter tires. Its not even an "option".

Any front or rear-wheel drive vehicle with Winter tires will outperform any AWD car with Summer or All-season tires in any task.

A. What? No. Only during "winter" conditions.

You could have a vastly superior BMW 3-series or Merc C-class for 30% less, without the poor fuel economy, crap ride quality and needless repair costs of AWD.

A. Current price of a BMW 335xi sedan is the same as S4. Current price of a BMW 328xi sedan is higher than most A4s. Oh and the EPA rated Fuel Economy is essentially the same.


All in all, WTF. The article and all comments are not about any VW Group product. Or any BMW/Mercedes/German product. Or any luxury class product.

Why the hate friend? Own an Audi that had a big repair bill? Made to feel like less of a man by an Audi owner?

Maybe either address the article, address the comment, or address what is making you angry instead of all the misguided and completely unfounded hate.

Audis are relatively expensive. But they are

A. Cheaper in the US than most "luxury" cars
B. Have the same fuel economy and feature set
C. Sell in less numbers (US) than Mercedes, BMW, or Caddy (and Lexus)
D. Share a limited amount of parts with VW group other brands (excluding the A3, which does share the same platform as the Golf)
E. Reliability is just slightly worse than BMW (US) and Mercedes (US) according to most sources, though Mercedes has been getting marked better in the US

"So if you want to save the planet, feel free to drive your Hummer. Just avoid the drive thru line at McDonalds." -- Michael Asher

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