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Nokia Lumia 900  (Source: Nokia)
AT&T is having a very generous deal on the unreleased Lumia 900

We don't know how long this is going to last, but AT&T is currently offering the Nokia Lumia 900 for free with a two-year contract. An eagle-eyed Neowin forum member first spotted the deal, as AT&T is currently offering $100 in instant savings on select smartphones.
The Lumia 900 is priced at $99 with a qualifying two-year contract, so the $100 instant rebate makes it free. According to AT&T, if you pre-order now, your phone will ship on April 5.
Jeff Bradley, chief of AT&T's hardware devices division, stated that the Lumia 900 would make a big splash on AT&T’s wireless network at launch. "At all levels, this is a notch above anything we've ever done," sad Bradley in a CNET interview this week. "Before you walk in to the store, you know this is our hero phone.  We're going big.  We're really bullish."

We're not sure if this $100 instant rebate on the unreleased Lumia 900 is a glitch or just AT&T being extremely generous with its flagship Windows Phone device. However, if you're at all interested in Nokia's latest and greatest now is the time to pre-order.

Sources: Neowin, AT&T

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RE: Bought it!
By stephenBA on 3/31/2012 12:42:25 AM , Rating: 3
Yeah I just tried to buy it. Turns out ATT only offers the $100 discount to new customers... even if you're an existing customer and not in contract like me. So for me to get this deal, I literally have to cancel my ATT account and make a new one. Stupid.

This is from the ATT chat: Skip to end for punch line
AT&T sales representatives are happy to assist you with your questions. Click below to begin your live text chat.

AT&T sales representatives will not have access to your personal account. This service is provided to you under AT&Ts Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
You are now chatting with Janell, an AT&T sales representative.
Stephen: hi Jannell
Stephen: Janell
Janell: Welcome to AT&T online Sales support. How may I assist you with placing your order today?
Stephen: im trying to add a nokia 900 to my cart and keep my existing plan but it keeps telling me i need to add a plan
Janell: I would be happy to provide you some information on upgrading. Are you currently logged into your account?
Stephen: yes
Janell: Were you able to click on the upgrade link?
Stephen: ok I just got it in my cart
Stephen: but it doesnt include the 100$ discount
Stephen: from there
Janell: You would not be able to receive this 100.00 promotion when upgrading.
Stephen: so should I cancel my plan and make a new plan?
Janell: You would be able to do so but, if you are still in contract you would pay early termination fees.
Stephen: im not in contract
Janell: Then you are able to go through the process of placing an order like a new customer without logging into your account. Once you place your order you can contact customer care to cancel your current account.
Stephen: hmm. it seems silly to have to cancel my account and make a new one just to get a discount
Janell: You would be able to upgrade to the device if you are eligible for 99.99.
Stephen: yeah I see that... so the device is 99.99 for existing customers, but free (after the discount) for new customers?
Stephen: in that case, if you're an existing customer without a contract... it makes more sense to cancel your account with ATT and make a new one?
Janell: Yes, that is correct.
Stephen: Wow.
Stephen: that makes no sense.
Janell: Again, I do apologize.

RE: Bought it!
By zlandar on 3/31/2012 9:28:28 AM , Rating: 3
My guess is AT&T is trying to reduce the number of grandfathered plans that would increase the cost of the promo offer to their bottom line.

RE: Bought it!
By sweatshopking on 4/1/2012 6:08:24 AM , Rating: 2
not uncommon. almost every carrier has the same stupid restrictions. I used to work in a call center for sprint, and people used to complain about that all the time. I know the canadian carriers have stupid deals that want you to do that too. (im canadian)

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