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The tiny compounds could eventually help Paula Deen  (Source:
The pair of tiny molecules caused a decrease in cholesterol and fat mass

Researchers at the Scripps Research Institute in Florida have developed a pair of molecules that could lead to weight loss and one day treat disorders like obesity and diabetes.
Thomas Burris, study leader and a professor at Scripps Florida, along with a team of researchers, were able to synthesize a pair of tiny molecules that are capable of altering the biological clock in animals.
The small molecules alter the circadian rhythm and pattern of core clock gene expression in the brain’s hypothalamus. Circadian rhythms react to a 24-hour cycle of light and dark while the brain’s hypothalamus relates to the daily rhythms in mammals.
The synthetic compounds activate proteins called REV-ERBα and REV-ERBβ, which are partially responsible for the biological rhythms associated with metabolism in mammals.
The researchers administered the synthetic compounds to obese mice twice a day for 12 days. After the 12 days, researchers tested the mice and found that fat mass, hyperglycemia, and cholesterol levels improved significantly. The mice were given a diet of high fat and high sugar foods, yet still lost weight.
According to the study’s results, cholesterol was reduced by 47 percent and triglycerides in the blood decreased by 12 percent.
The compounds also played a part in controlling the mammals’ activity during night and day, which the researchers believe could be used to control insomnia and other sleep disorders. Researchers found that oxygen consumption increased by 5 percent in mice during the day and night, which means increased energy expenditure, but they found that these increases were not due to increased energy – there was a 15 percent decrease in movement during the same time that oxygen consumption increased.
“The idea behind this research is that our circadian rhythms are coupled with metabolic processes and that you can modulate them pharmacologically,” said Burris. “As it turns out, the effect of that modulation is surprisingly positive – everything has been beneficial so far.”
This study was published in Nature.

Source: Science Daily

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People are still gullible
By Indigo64 on 4/1/2012 3:43:14 AM , Rating: 2
It's always about the fast food, it's the butter's fault, it's people eating too much, it's a problem we are exclusive to because we don't exercise enough.

Some of you folks, and I know I'm casting a wide net here, need to grow a brain. Oops, you can't - but it's not entirely your fault.

See, the problem here is that we're all starving ourselves to death. We switched to skim milk for the school age years, we're afraid of fat, no matter the form. And God help the heathens who enjoy saturated fats (especially from animals!) and oh lord please protect us from the pure evils of coconut oil used at movie theaters!

On a more serious note however - "research" like this makes me laugh just a little. Why?

Because I was once a 430# guy who followed the advice of the Government. Why in the world do we follow the dietary advice of a government when we sure as hell don't follow them for anything else? Because everyone loves stuffing their faces, and some do to an extent more than others.

The real problem here isn't that people are eating fast food, or cooking with butter - the real problem is that we've all been a part of a grand experiment because some loose-mouthed bureaucratic blow hard conveyed his opinion stronger than the experts in a room, and then had a two bit half wit with no nutritional experience write about it to the 'merican public.

Much like the facade that fat kills, it's the knowledge we're trying to follow that is killing us.

Let me tell you, it wasn't easy going against everything I'd grown up with - especially after the last college class I took which was a nutrition class. I was preaching everything about that class - it "opened my eyes" but when in fact, it made me even more of a drone.

Fat is not the enemy. Saturated fat doesn't give you a heart attack moments after you consume it.

Eating too much of anything will make you fat and give you health problems, but cutting out fat is KILLING US.

Look at the incidences of autism, obesity and attention deficit problems. Then look at how the scale tips when you compare it to our average daily diet.

I changed my eating habits from consuming a lot of carbohydrates - upwards of 300+ grams a day, and many more times when I was at a gym following their instruction for "healthy" weight management. What did I have to show for it?

I worked my ass off for 14 weeks and I lost 5 lbs. What a joke.

I dropped the carbs, switched to fats, kept the protein and you want to know something incredible?

I lost weight.

So much so in fact, that after a month, I had already lost 8 lbs. Without exercising (got busy, my bad) so what happened when I picked up the exercise again? Fit into clothes that had been on my clothes rack for 12 years. Granted they're still large, but they fit me now.

Know what else rocks? I'm in a better mood. My attitude on life is much improved, I'm more outgoing, and I'm capable of so much more - I don't need caffeine to stay awake, I don't eat 10 times a day, and I don't even touch the crap I used to have when I had carbs in my diet still (as much as you Frito Lay people would be pained to hear it - I don't even eat chips anymore - no more nacho cheese Doritos at LAN parties... gasp!)

There's more to Obesity than what these researchers are trying to tell us. There's more to weight control than the government wants you to believe.

Why do you think they didn't do an about face when they discovered the problems were getting worse, not better?

Pharmaceuticals are making BANK. So are the universities that are encouraging this behavior. Most researchers I've met have alluded to the fact that they are pretty sure they're wrong too - that they just go where the money is. My own research and first hand experience has shown that to be the case as well.

Know what else I found out? Two weeks after I switched to cooking with butter, eating more saturated fats, and maintaining my average caloric intake of about 2300 calories (most "diet" sites say I should be at 4300 to lose weight - as if) my blood panels are awesome. My last panel was better than it was when I was in high school. This stuff WORKS. Best of all, you don't need to take anything special, you just have to change what you have been brainwashed to believe. It's a shame, I've seen so many fat folks struggle with it, opting for the surgery, and then I come and show them up with having done nothing. Figuratively - compared to them at least.

Do your own research. Find out more. Look up the paleo diet if you need a good starting point. Change your life, and don't ever let a doctor tell you that you need to take statins - those things will kill you faster than the cholesterol will.

“We do believe we have a moral responsibility to keep porn off the iPhone.” -- Steve Jobs

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