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NVIDIA's design guide supplement for the platform that does not exist
The first rule about "Tritium" is, you do not talk about "Tritium"

NVIDIA's Bryan Del Rizzo sent me the following email earlier today about some of the stories we've run on the NVIDIA Tritium platform:

Kris, yet another story with gross inaccuracies.
There is no Tritium certification process. There is no Tritium product. It is not a brand name.
Because of your story, we have partners asking us about a certification process that doesn't exist.
Please remove the story or put up a front page story that says there is no certification process and that you were incorrect in stating that one exists.
Anand, great job on starting a news site that so far, can't get its facts straight.

Of course, Del Rizzo may not believe there is a Tritium certification, but NVIDIA's internal design guides certainly disagree with him.  A document containing with the following statement was released to manufacturers earlier this year, with the emphasis ours:

This document outlines the minimum requirements an ODM NVIDIA® C51XEMCP55XE motherboard design must conform to in order to obtain NVIDIA’s Tritium certification. Meeting the requirements guarantees interoperability with other Tritium-certified components and enables utilization of Tritium’s overclockability features, maximizing overall system performance.

NVIDIA has extended its SLI program into memory and motherboards, so our best guess is that the Tritium platform and SLI "platform" are one and the same. We here at DailyTech have no problems delivering the second half of Del Rizzo's wish, but it would seem odd for a company that does not have a Tritium platform to have so much documentation for one.

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Tritium as a name...
By Eris23007 on 5/18/2006 6:30:58 PM , Rating: 2

Does the name "Tritium" remind anyone else of that Dilbert comic where they decide they're going to pick new names for companies by randomly combining words from science and engineering?

"Uranus-Hertz Technologies, Inc." here we come...

RE: Tritium as a name...
By johnsonx on 5/18/2006 9:31:09 PM , Rating: 2
What's next, Nvidia's Lithium Deuteride graphics architecture? I guess there's worse things to associate supposed extreme performance hardware with than nuclear fusion.

RE: Tritium as a name...
By Stele on 5/19/2006 8:59:15 AM , Rating: 2
Dilbert eh... well at least it's still better than "Acorn" (Dilbert series episode 1, 'The Name') :P

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