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Canada reserves the right to back out of F-35

The cost overruns on the F-35 project are legendary and continue to mount. The costs of the F-35 program are spiraling at such a fast rate that many partner nations are considering canceling orders or significantly reducing purchase plans.
The latest partner nation considering reducing the order in place for the F-35 is Canada. The Canadian government has admitted that it might not complete the purchase of F-35s. The United States has long said that if partner countries cancel orders or reduce orders, the cost of the jet will spiral for all nations.
Canada originally agreed to purchase $9 billion worth of F-35 fighters for the Royal Canadian Air Force. Canada intends to replace its aging CF-18 jets with the F-35.
“The… decision has not been made as to whether or not we are actually going to purchase, buy, acquire the F-35,” said Julian Fantino, associate defense minister.
“We have not as yet discounted, the possibility of course, of backing out of any of the program. None of the partners have. We are not,” he told the Commons Defence Committee Tuesday.

A group of Lockheed F-35B Lightning II fighters [Source: Lockheed Martin]
Fantino's comments are marked contrast to other comments offered by Canadian officials in the past who were staunch advocates of the F-35. In the past, Canadian government officials have gone so far as to accuse people who didn't support the F-35 of not supporting the armed forces.
The first indication of trouble in Canada came last month when Defense Minister Peter MacKay refused to confirm how many F-35's Canada would buy.
However, a spokesman for the Canadian Defense Ministry press McClusky told the Star-Telegram in an email, "Our position has not changed. We remain committed to the Joint Strike Fighter Program. A budget has been allocated. A contract has not been signed. We will make sure that the Air Force has aircraft necessary to do the job we ask of them."
The Pentagon has considered reducing the production rate of the F-35 to an even slower rate to allow more time to fix issues discovered in flight testing.

Sources: Star-Telegram, The Star

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By michael67 on 3/14/2012 5:15:45 PM , Rating: -1
It's always dangerous allowing other folks to have the latest tech that can save our pilots.

Yeah like we really need thousands of these +200m a pop F35's.

In most places "we the west" are having military actions, even F-4E Phantom II could still do the job, after some upgrades.

And the F16 is still doing a great job, so can some one tell me what the real world benefits are of the F35 over the F22?
Other then some people have jobs, and some fat cats getting even fatter!

Seriously, the west is the new USSR, do people remember how the west made the USSR fall?
It was by outspending them, till the point they could not sustain them selfs!

And what are we doing now?
We are now outspending our self!

And the silly argument that China is the new danger, is just silly.
The USA is still outspending the Chinese 6 to 1 in dollar for dollar on there military budget, and has a way bigger arsenal of weapons in in its stock inventory.
China needs to outspend the USA 2:1 for 15~20 years before its even a equal in military force.

China is not building a offensive army, its building a defensive one, to protect there trade routs, as it dose not wane be dependable an the good grace of the USA alone to keep them open.

In my opinion why not just can the hole project, or just make it a carrier plane only, as they need a replacement for the F14s and F18s, and lift the export ban on the F22, and make the F22 afalible to anyone that needs to replace there aging planes, as they are at least 25% cheaper then the F35.

So is there anyone here that could explain, why we really need these +200m a pop fighter planes, as imho the old ones still work pretty well.

By tim851 on 3/14/2012 5:37:44 PM , Rating: 3
In most places "we the west" are having military actions, even F-4E Phantom II could still do the job, after some upgrades.

Yes. The B-2 Spirit is probably the most ridiculous example. Built to penetrate the heavily fortified Russian airspace, it will have spent its entire lifetime bombing third world countries, that could probably not mount a coordinated defense against the WWII air forces of any major power. And because it's super-secret, it makes everything more complicated, like not landing anywhere but home.

Traditional war is a concept of the past. The military is just to slow to realize it.

It always bemuses be when people talk about the strategics of an American-Chinese war. That war will never happen. By the time the American aircraft carrier fleets are in fighting range, both countries will be bancrupt and they will drag the world with them.
This is how Einstein's famous quote about World War IV being fought with sticks and stones becomes true: it's not the radiocative fallout that will destroy civilization as we know it, it's economic fallout.

The Middle Ages were not called the Dark Ages for nothing. But the Roman Empire didn't collape in a thermonuclear disaster. It was a lack of economics that brought demise afterwards.

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