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Benchmarks or GTFO!

Yesterday when Apple unveiled the new iPad, the crew from Cupertino took some time to brag about its new A5X processor in comparison to NVIDIA’s Tegra 3. Apple certainly isn't widely known for offering up benchmarks on its own, so we'll likely have to wait until iPads land in the hands of reviewers and geeks around the web.
Apple used the iPad unveiling to boast that the A5X chip inside the new iPad is two times faster than A5, and four times more powerful in graphics performance than the Tegra 3.
NVIDIA isn't buying those claims without proof. The graphics company wants to know how Apple came by that number. Ken Brown, a spokesman for NVIDIA, stated, "[It was] certainly flattering " for Apple to compare its newest chip to their part.
Brown continued, “We don’t have the benchmark information. We have to understand what the application was that was used. Was it one or a variety of applications? What drivers were used? There are so many issues to get into with benchmark.”
Anyone that follows tech knows benchmarks are often handpicked to favor one particular brand over another when it comes to claims such as these. So it should be interesting to see if the new iPad’s performance lives up to the claims.

Source: ZDNet

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By testerguy on 3/9/2012 11:41:18 AM , Rating: 2
Nowhere did anyone specify anything about the GPU

The comment everyone was replying to did. As did the article. As did Apple when they made the claim. The claim being discussed which referred to GPU only .

While clear in your head, your argument about being in context holds no merit.

So all of the above escaped you? You are not aware of context? You do not understand that CPU benchmarks are irrelevant to this article?

The convenient argument is that the iPad2 is faster than the Prime. That is only true for certain graphics operations. Other tasks can be completed faster on the Prime, such as web browsing.

It's not a 'convenient argument', it's the accepted reality, as evidenced by the conclusion reached by numerous impartial tech sites such as Anandtech. They concluded that the graphics performance is often 2x faster on the iPad 2 than the Tegra 3. Web browsing benchmarks are just as much a measure of browser technology as they are hardware, and any difference in speed of web browsing is barely distinguishable to an end user. Double the graphics performance in games, however, and that is noticable.

The general statement that the iPad2 is twice as fast, hence the iPad3 will be 4 times as fast is false, unless you add the qualifier that you are talking about GPU operations.

Again, the whole claim made by Apple referred to the GPU, and the GPU only. So your condition was already satisfied before this article was even published.

Stating that I didn't point out facts is non-sense. There is nothing non-factual about my original post. Go challenge any point. A single one. You may not have liked how I phrased it, but the content was factual. Claiming that I falsified something just goes to show how desperate you are to make your point.

I can't believe I have to re-explain to you that your failing was in calling us 'kiddies', implying we had misinterpreted any benchmarks, and stating that we were cherry picking the results. All three have proven to be your own failure to understand context and relevance.

And your final comment is such a stretch that it's not worth debating. Try again. Nothing I said is incorrect, and the only part that is up for debate is where I'm making a prediction.

It's not up for debate for reasons of obviousness. A 10% CPU deficit (which may or may not be present in the A5X - since as I already told you, it may be clocked higher in the new iPad) is barely noticeable for an end user. a 100% GPU deficit most definitely is. Again, refer to any impartial and expert tech site like Anandtech for confirmation of these figures. It's also logically obvious, to pretty much anyone.

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