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Benchmarks or GTFO!

Yesterday when Apple unveiled the new iPad, the crew from Cupertino took some time to brag about its new A5X processor in comparison to NVIDIA’s Tegra 3. Apple certainly isn't widely known for offering up benchmarks on its own, so we'll likely have to wait until iPads land in the hands of reviewers and geeks around the web.
Apple used the iPad unveiling to boast that the A5X chip inside the new iPad is two times faster than A5, and four times more powerful in graphics performance than the Tegra 3.
NVIDIA isn't buying those claims without proof. The graphics company wants to know how Apple came by that number. Ken Brown, a spokesman for NVIDIA, stated, "[It was] certainly flattering " for Apple to compare its newest chip to their part.
Brown continued, “We don’t have the benchmark information. We have to understand what the application was that was used. Was it one or a variety of applications? What drivers were used? There are so many issues to get into with benchmark.”
Anyone that follows tech knows benchmarks are often handpicked to favor one particular brand over another when it comes to claims such as these. So it should be interesting to see if the new iPad’s performance lives up to the claims.

Source: ZDNet

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memory bandwidth anyone?
By Unoid on 3/8/2012 12:31:55 PM , Rating: 2
Are we forgetting that higher resolutions require more memory bandwidth?

if its 2x the pixils and 2x the GPU processing power. if the same memory controller/speed memory is used it'll be a negative linear progression. as in it should do less FPS at 2x the res even with 2x the GPU. Bandwidth will bottleneck it.

Its entirely possible that A5x has a better/faster dual-channel ddr3l setup.

RE: memory bandwidth anyone?
By Guspaz on 3/8/2012 1:18:59 PM , Rating: 2
Assuming they're memory bandwidth limited currently. If they're not, it won't scale linearly based on fill rate.

RE: memory bandwidth anyone?
By scrapsma54 on 3/9/2012 4:00:39 PM , Rating: 2
Look back at the Xbox vs ps3 arguments a few years back. Here is how I look at it. Having a faster Gpu isn't everything if you are constantly under the burden of Cpu overhead. Less Special effects, less precision animation, less going on screen. Ulp Geforce has more advantages in games than the individual benchmarks put out.

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