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AT&T's contracts for unlimited data users have always stated that restrictions could be applied

After catching some heat for throttling unlimited data last month, AT&T may receive a little less flack due to contract clauses that always stated it had the power to limit such services.

AT&T currently does not offer unlimited data plans for new subscribers. Instead, it switched to tiered data plans where a certain amount of data was allotted to customers for a set price. Currently, these plans are set at 300 MB/month for $20, 3 GB/month for $30, or 5 GB/month for $50. However, customers who did have unlimited plans before they were axed had the option to hold onto the unlimited package.

Last year, AT&T said it would throttle unlimited smartphone users starting October 2011, which was set to affect the top 5 percent of heavy data users. AT&T planned to slow data speeds once the customers reached a certain point, but never specified when that point was.

Just last month, AT&T unlimited users took to the internet when some realized that their unlimited data was throttled only after 1-2 GB. Some complained that they received notices from AT&T saying they were reaching their slowed point only after 1.6 GB, and others have said their download speed dropped to 256 Kbps after 3 GB of data.

Now, a website called TOSBack, which tracks changes to the terms of service of different companies, showed that AT&T has had a clause in its contracts regarding unlimited data plan restrictions since 2007 -- right before the iPhone came out.

"AT&T reserves the right to (i) limit throughput or amount of data transferred, deny Service and/or terminate Service, without notice, to anyone it believes is using the Service in any manner prohibited above or whose usage adversely impacts its wireless network or service levels or hinders access to its wireless network," said the clause in AT&T's contract from June 26, 2007.

Today's version is quite similar, where section 6.2 points out that AT&T can restrict those who negatively impact its wireless network.

"AT&T reserves the right to (i) deny, disconnect, modify and/or terminate Service, without notice, to anyone it believes is using the Service in any manner prohibited or whose usage adversely impacts its wireless network or service levels or hinders access to its wireless network," said today's AT&T contract.

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something for nothing...
By shaidorsai on 3/6/2012 6:48:37 PM , Rating: 2
I dont have AT&T...I have Sprint and it works fine for what I use it for. I just dont understand the thought process for people harping all over AT&T for making people pay for a service they agreed to...does everyone think they are special and should have something for nothing?

I am equally puzzled/amused at the people that did not read the contract they signed and now want to complain to the heavens about how evil a "business" is for making them abide by the contract they signed...seriously?

People act like their hair is on fire because AT&T wants them to pay 10 bucks extra for twice the bandwidth (PER THE CONTRACT THEY SIGNED) while standing at the gas pump putting 15 dollars more per week in their gas tank because Mobil feels like least AT&T was upfront about it and has a valid reason.

Why no outrage at the price of gas ? Why no outrage that CATV costs 120 per month? How about a box a cereal costing 7 bucks ? Seriously...AT&T is hardly the only company that fact they seem pretty reasonable when you look around!

RE: something for nothing...
By adamlvndtx on 3/7/2012 12:14:08 AM , Rating: 2
Your statement makes no sense. Yes, you should read the contract, but when you use a couple of words to broaden your definition of service you provided-thats where the problem is. Limiting data that a company say is "stressing a network" is a company problem, not a customer problem. If ATT or Verizon can not handle the customers needs, then they should not be accepting anymore applications for services. If they do, which is what is happening now because their crying about "stressed networks" then they are the "evil business" trying to ripe people off.

RE: something for nothing...
By JediJeb on 3/7/2012 3:08:21 PM , Rating: 2
..does everyone think they are special and should have something for nothing?

Yup they sure do. That is what they are being taught all through school and on most media now days. Everyone is a winner, no one looses. You can be anything you want to be, and don't need to work hard to get there.

There is no more teaching people that you must work hard to achieve success, or that you get what you pay for, or if you don't work you don't eat. Instead of being taught REALITY as young people are growing up, they are taught it once they are thrown into the deep end of life with no life jacket.

"A lot of people pay zero for the cellphone ... That's what it's worth." -- Apple Chief Operating Officer Timothy Cook

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