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Ford is quick to point out how much superior the Focus Electric is compared to the Nissan Leaf

Ford officially announced its Ford Focus Electric at last year's CES. A little over a year later, Ford is announcing the EPA ratings for the 5-seat hatchback.
The Focus Electric is rated at 110 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) in the city and 99 MPGe on the highway (105 MPGe combined). Ford is quick to boast that the Focus Electric's combined rating is 6 MPGe better than the Nissan Leaf. For comparison, here are the combined MPGe ratings for some other electric and plug-in hybrids on the market:
Ford also points out that the Focus Electric has more passenger space, a faster charging system, and a slightly longer driving range (76 miles versus 73 miles) than the Leaf. However, while the Focus Electric may have better specs and economy ratings than the Leaf, you'll pay for it out of your wallet. The Focus Electric has a base MSRP of $39,995 versus $35,200 for the Leaf before a $7,500 tax credit.
“Ford is giving customers the power of choice for leading fuel economy regardless of what type of vehicle or powertrain technology they choose,” said Eric Kuehn, chief nameplate engineer, Focus Electric. “The Focus and Fusion are great examples of how we transformed our fleet of cars, utilities and trucks with leading fuel efficiency.”

The Focus Electric is powered by a 123hp electric motor and a 23 kWh lithium-ion LG Chem battery pack.
Ford recently announced that the upcoming Ford Fusion Energi would have an EPA rating of 100 MPGe.

Source: Ford

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By corduroygt on 3/2/2012 12:56:30 PM , Rating: 3
Only way the $32500 after tax credit price would make sense is if it had a 300-mile range. Still a much better deal than the leaf, for $5K more you actually get a good looking and handling car that you wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen in.

By Namey on 3/2/2012 1:41:37 PM , Rating: 2
It looks good, if you don't notice the front, which ironically, has been changed to look like the rear end of a horse.

By Amedean on 3/2/2012 1:41:19 PM , Rating: 2
It does look good, but the range is so poor. Love the quality build of a Ford but they should not have stalled in the development of fuel/electric systems like GM did when they gambled on the Volt. At the price of this car I would prefer to spend 10000 extra and get the option to use gas.

By dubldwn on 3/2/2012 1:54:19 PM , Rating: 2
At the price of this car I would prefer to spend 10000 extra and get the option to use gas.

What do you mean? The Volt is the same price, which makes me question the value here, even as an EV.

Hybrids seem like the way to go for this crowd - the nice looking 2013 Fusion Hybrid is $10,000 less any pretty much makes gas prices a non-issue. Plus you hedge the electricity cost issue.

By StanO360 on 3/2/2012 3:25:37 PM , Rating: 2
And at a subsidized $32k it will probably sell as well as the Volt, meaning . . . not at all.

By Mitch101 on 3/2/2012 2:18:24 PM , Rating: 1
has been changed to look like the rear end of a horse.
Im just going to have to take your word for that. :)

By nafhan on 3/2/2012 4:40:41 PM , Rating: 1
Could you provide a link to a picture of this "horse"? :)

By StanO360 on 3/2/2012 3:23:58 PM , Rating: 2
Leafs are absolutely hideous, what were they thinking?

By bjacobson on 3/2/2012 6:21:53 PM , Rating: 2
a good looking and handling car that you wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen in.

except for when you ran the batteries down and have to get it towed because a simple gas up isn't sufficent.

By Aloonatic on 3/4/2012 9:20:20 AM , Rating: 2
From the down ratings, I can only assume that you guys know a secret source of new technology that is reasonably priced right from the get go.

Can you please let everyone else in on it, or is it one of those things that you have to be screen for or passed from father to son only?

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