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The PSU offers 1000 watts of clean power for gaming geeks

OCZ has unveiled a new high-performance power supply aimed at gamers and enthusiasts. The Fatal1ty 1000 offers modular cabling and 100% Japanese 105°C capacitors. The power supply has 1000 Watts of power continuously at 50°C ambient temperatures.
“We are thrilled to partner up once again with Fatal1ty to build the ultimate PSU designed specifically for hard-core gamers,” commented Steve Lee, Senior Vice President of Power Management at OCZ Technology. “The new 1000W Fatal1ty PSU delivers exceptional performance for dual GPU platforms, enhanced reliability with premium components, excellent efficiency and robust features, including a large yet ultra quiet fan and high-end individually sleeved cables.”
The power supply has a 140mm double ball bearing fan with red LEDs and is 80 Plus Gold certified with up to 90% efficiency at typical loads. The power supply uses a single +12 V rail and OCZ promises that the power supply offers solid and clean DC output. It features detachable CPU cables one with multiple PCIe, SATA, and peripheral cables. The PC uses industry-standard ATX form factor and will fit in almost any case out there.

Source: OCZ

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RE: Fatal1ty
By FaaR on 2/29/2012 4:51:24 PM , Rating: 2
Well, even if he isn't the absolute best in the world anymore, he's still better than 99.99whatever percent of all gamers out there.

I saw a vid of him maybe one or two years ago or something where he took on 3-4 gaming website journos all against him in Quake3, and he beat them like 123-5 or something totally ludicrous like that. He was running around fragging them left and right and giggling to himself like a naughty schoolboy. It was crazy to see.

Dissing the guy because all we see of him is his handle on computer components and accessories is pretty weaksauce. Nobody here could beat him anyhow unless he was only allowed to use one hand to play, and at least in my case he might still whoop up on me. ;)

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