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The 2013 Ford Fusion  (Source: Ford Motor Company)
"Ice blue" will be the default light setting for Ford line, "white" for Lincoln

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RE: Ford LED
By tng on 2/24/2012 5:42:10 PM , Rating: 2
I'm a senior and in all my years of car ownership, I've never had to replace the interior light bulb.
I had a 96 Honda that had one of the illumination lights for the heater controls go out once. The bulb was incandescent and only about 2 bucks, however it was a pain in the a$$ to replace. Almost had to remove the whole dash.

Other than that, yeah, only the occasional headlight or tail light.

RE: Ford LED
By dwbogardus on 2/27/2012 12:07:51 PM , Rating: 2
On my '78 Fairmont (275K miles), I've had to replace headlights (several times), brake lights, dome lights, shift indicator lights, and instrument panel lights, but not very often, over a period of many years. The lights behind the dashboard are a real pain, and are a great place for LEDs.

On my little Honda motorcycle, the engine vibration killed the turn signal lights evey couple of months, but the rest of the lights were fine for years.

And I've seen a lot of LEDs fail, mainly in cheap flashlights and nightlights, where they were being overdriven, at the expense of lifetime, with no heatsinking.
But good engineering can make LED bulbs and fixtures reliable, and volume use will drive affordability.

Ford's exaggerated claims of incandescent unreliability undercut their otherwise reasonable case for migration to
all LED bulbs.

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