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Apple iOS owners can look forward to the app as soon as the coming weeks

Apple has announced a variety of upcoming launches recently, and now, Apple fans can add another item to the list of releases to look forward to -- an iPad version of Microsoft Office

According to The Daily, the Microsoft Office Suite app for iPad has been completed by a design team and will soon be sent to Apple for approval.

The Microsoft Office Suite app will feature Word, PowerPoint and Excel, where files can be "created and edited locally and online."

The Daily mentioned that a prototype of the software showed that the interface resembles both the OneNote app and a bit of Metro, which is the new design for Windows Phone and the upcoming Windows 8 operating system.

There currently is no Microsoft Office Suite app being created for Google's Android mobile operating system, but Apple iOS owners can look forward to the app as soon as the coming weeks.

Apple fans also have other new releases to look forward to in 2012, such as the iPad 3's debut during the first week of March, the launch of OS X Mountain Lion, and iTunes/App Store redesigns.

Source: The Daily

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RE: Timing
By TakinYourPoints on 2/21/2012 5:31:27 PM , Rating: 2
You're right. 55 million iPads and counting is something that can't be ignored. Microsoft has been releasing apps for iOS since the beginning and now have nearly two dozen on the platform. Android by comparison has about 5, all for phones and not tablets, and are only simple front ends to Bing and MSN as opposed to full featured applications.

They're almost all excellent, solid across the board. I really they way some of them integrate the Metro interface so well in the iOS environment. A Skydrive and official XBL app were recently released, and Photosynth (one of my favorites) strangely still isn't on WP7 yet (that needs to get on WP7 ASAP).

So yeah, Office on iOS is inevitable given its large install base and Microsoft's long history of developing for Apple platforms, and the Windows 8 version is obviously a given.

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